who can help me edit body

I was try to upload a body the other day but could not because of the size of the image could. and someone edit it so it can be uploadable and could they index it plz thnx in advances The links is http://friskogfx.weebly.com/bodies.html the custom is nubmer 7


The png was rgb instead of indexed… here’s the same thing but with indexed colors, it should work.
I don’t see any problem with the size of the image… it was the same as the others.

Try downloading Gimp or some similar image editor so you can do it by yourself in the future.

Btw, you SELL these???


Okay so you have a weebly website, you’re selling premade graphics that you scribbled all over and you need help resizing an image.

Do me a favor and try not to include yourself among the idiots that started: graaldepot or graalstuff.wordpress
It’s a waste of time. You’re not going to learn anything. Okay? OKAY?
I assume you think this website is just a way to build your in-game reputation (honestly, why else would you do it?),
in that case, you won’t go far up and again…It’s a waste of time.


Thanks for the slap in the face @Rammy I dont sell this. I just know a few site that do Iam just a nub who download bodies and heads and edits them. iam new to this form i mostly play era grabs my attention more. @ 2ndwolf when i try to upload it say it not 128 by 720 pixels its 128 by 33 pixels. new to the gimp editting cause i just started indexing bodies for myself. @Rammy how about we do not waste any limes.

What’s asking you for 128x720 and what for?
Also, your other bodies have the same dimensions… I don’t get why it’s this one that is a problem.

They won’t upload it for him because they are not 128x720 (the normal size of a body sprite sheet).