Who made...

Who made Graal Reborn? I want to know because whoever did, why? you could of made your own Graphics and called it your own game.

I already answered this in a PM. But so everyone else can see: We did not create the client software, we simply made the server software. We can not claim that something is ours if we didn’t make it.

Oh, Cadavre Can you help with my server? It is going to be Modern.

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Its name is Xeno.

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I reset the WHOLE entire Server.

NO. NO. AND NO. What’s the point of having a server if you can’t do anything yourself? It’s just stupid.

I just need help? I want someone to help me.

Because he’s a fucking Swedish Fish.

I like swedish fish.Red kind only though.


a swedish fish in a dress that makes music

Stop trying so hard benzy, no one gets good fast. I sucked when I first came to reborn. I still do suck today but im improving… I suggest you just take it easy and accept the fact improving a skill takes time

You should try working on somebody else’s server first. Get your development skills going, then once you can do the basics and make the basic framework of a server you can hire other people to help you. Until then, you can shut up or take dick sucking lessons from gllt (granted he’s willing to teach).

also Kuso Miso Technique

Eh. We had exactly this inside of the “We hate Benzy” topic… So he didnt even read it. Nice.
He just continues now… after a 24hours break. Damn iNoob.

Ugh, I have to admit you stopped brown-nosing. Seriously Benzy. Take a leaf out of tricxta’s book. He was the biggest mooch I ever knew. He even deleted a few servers when he was pissed off.

I’m probably the only one who kinda thinks he’s plotting something, but w/e. lol

We did it because we liked playing Graal and felt like updating the original leaked server to work with the newer versions (nostalgia)

Thing is we couldn’t make own game with own gfx cause none of us (the original founders) are graphics artists haha, also when we began the project we weren’t very good coders so making own game was a lot harder than making server for an existing one. I haven’t been coding much but Nalin is awesome now and he is making a few games by himself (as is 39ster) :open_mouth:

I’ve gotta stop being lazy and learn how to code x_X

Fucking do it yourself man! I’m working on sameira myself. I haven’t had time to work though so I’m Barry even started on first town. Only outside of osl done ._. Damn xialza y u be addicting?

I was helping Benzy but I stopped after he got his server shut down from hiring iNoobs. I gave him levels, graphics, guns and a tileset. He screwed it up.