Who shud i report this tooo..

please help me, im being abused o.0
look in attachments for evidence

First of all, you little twit, I did nothing wrong to be jailed. I logged on and went to check out the quest. Then, I’m summoned to a level and PKed by you with a lvl20 sword and infinite hp. After I’m PKed a few times, I start swearing so I’m jailed for “being mean”. The action taken on servers with abusive staff is changing it to put them on the hidden tab indefinitely.

I complete support Spooon’s actions.

If I’m not mistaken, Spooon is the authoritative figure on all things related to spoons, so this falls under his jurisdiction.


The server will be made hidden for a week, after which it will be made un-hidden again. After being made un-hidden if i get another report such as the one that was made by spooon today the server will be perma hidden…

Give urza and Spooon a round of applause for delivering swift justice to the army of abusive staff!


That’s nice, lets close the thread before we get 30 pages of wine to go with dinner?

do not want

wait… im not gettin this
if we admins on skittlezplayground are such asses why even come on it

i got a GREAT IDEA
how about if you dont like the server you dont go on it

SIMPLE yet veeeery effective

Enjoy not having players.