Who the hell is my_tea_4?

I just see this person randomly online all the time. They have a gold name so they’re VIP… but they don’t post?

He’s a manager from Graal Online: Classic…
I think.

Why doesn’t he just post who he is lol? Also, he’s from original graal? Cause from what I’ve seen everybody here hates newcomers from original graal…

Beholder is his friend, that’s all I know.

Oh and my Bomber Streak with him is -1. :expressionless: (1 loss) It was a fluke…

Lol for all you guys know, me and Beholder are best buddies. Isn’t that right Beholer?

:sup: Sadly, yes… -Beholder

iPhone children, Era nubs, Unholy Nation munchers, Zodiac buggers, Zone twerps, and Npulse lamers.
Every one else seems okay.

Also, think about how “my tea 4” sounds. Hint: You’re looking for two words.

Where do I fit in? I played all of those for a long while (Except iPhone, what the fuck is an Apple?) also, Delteria, and Babylon (Is that old NPulse?), ermm… what else…

Lol mighty? Also, not all iPhone people are COMPLETE noobs. Well… Maybe.

They all came for the touch screen games.

Balance out the stereotypes and you’ll understand lol
Also you lost Babylon cred thinking it was NPulse.

And that’s is one of the words.

Pfft, how would I know? I was 7, I thought it was all just some Zelda clone. xD

I came from iPhone, and I only came to learn how to script, level, and draw better, not to make something that’s already been created.

Don’t know what that has to do with anything, am I missing something here? Oh yeah, I forgot about spam… XD

Her name is Tea.

That makes a lot more sense lol.

It’s Thor from Classic. Thor has been playing graal since a little after it was released. Hes British. Hes and asshole. And I like him. Kondie, don’t compare yourself to him, you will never measure up.

Mighty Thor

Where the fuck did I compare myself to him lol?

Thor is a horse dildo. Ask Dontar.