Who would win? (Be honest)

iight, so, some of you said Hakeem(Kondie) Would beat me in a fight, Here’s what we both look like, and tell me, who look’s like they’d win. Be honest. Don’t back your good 'ol friend just because he’s your friend.

Me- http://i54.tinypic.com/2vhyg74.jpg

Kondie- http://i54.tinypic.com/x26nbp.jpg

(Seem’s like a fun forum game)

Wait, what do you mean ‘dorks’?
please explain.

Both are faggots. I win. I always win.

Again, ‘faggots’ explain?

You’re an idiot for caring what other people think about two children fighting each other. I do not think you should be allowed to be on the internet, let alone breathe. When I think of shitty threads I’ve seen on these forums, this thread ranks on my Top 10.

Kondie is an Asian midget with awesome hair, and you’re a fat-ass who–for what ever reason–put the fucking camera in front of your face and expects us to take you seriously.

He looks older than you? Are you 4?

im 12, i think hes 14

Also, if Kondie keeps that hair, when he’s not 7 years old he can get with every girl on the planet, unlike the fat guy in the first picture.

He would, however, probably lose in a meaningless fight between two nerds.


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Panajiama isn’t actually fat. He’s just big. Also he would probably beat me up. He looks like he could play football or rugby

dumb thread

kondie. hands down. pajama has that damn camera blocking his vision. he doesnt stand a chance.

Yeah, I’m on the Football team, I’m a lineman.

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Yeah, Spoon, I’ve been stabbed my more guys, than you’ve talked to girls.
(Been stabbed Twice.)

He’s married.

I’m not Asian or small. XD
Although the awesome hair part is true. :slight_smile:

Damnit kondie i was thinking to myself “:smiley: kondie isnt going to jump into this shit” then I saw the last post D:

Why wouldn’t he? his name’s in it. It’s not like I’m ‘calling him out’ or some shit. XD.

Naa im just saying even if this is Misc its really not needed

Kondie could kick your ass. Seriously, although, it’s only a toss-up because of the Zangief kid, Casey Heines. :confused:

The funniest part is, that picture of me is a year old now, lol. My hair is much more awesome now.

lol everything rocks when you misread.