who would

play on this?

I would play on that,its not as if theres anything better to do

:smiley: Bravo. So hot. My guild house is so sexy.

So many squares, lol

where :confused2:

But… nobody plays on anything.

The pyramid looking fucker bottom left of the sandy isle below the main town.


I speak for everyone when I say sure.

The snow place scares me.

Ice palaces always suck just like water temples.


i need shadows ice tiles god mother fuck, picsice_1 through like 15 or something fuck me

i was thinking desert plataeu area on the blank place to the far right?

I want to play this soooo bad :frowning:

id like that

this is what im thinking so far, ? marks need answering

oh i forgot, on that coastal town with the beach thing i wrote, i meant to add that it would have a big port on the left side

make the wtf a cave system entrance

make top left playerhousing, it’s that easy to fill up space :stuck_out_tongue:

Only take suggestions from Nalin? lol. It was my home playerworld to.

I think whatever you do is good, but it can’t take away from the original Bravoness.

I demand brandon-sky-md era bravo.

instead of concentrating player houses spread them out through random locations on the map, have limited houses where people have to fight over them to get one, keeps everyone aspiring towards owning a house one day, of course the gr population is so small there should be no housing issues until everyone finds out that graal reborn has something to play and immigrates to reborn cough-asians