Wow long time no see

okay bye again for 3 years

cya in 2019 nerd


Who were you again?

This shows old fans are still periodically checking what graal reborm is at.
I was pretty much doing the same until I realized this was a good opportunity to set my foundations as a programmer.
Btw, I found a study on the internets that discovered experience has no incidence on how good a programmer is.

Tore played Xialza

Hey bro, I’m still here, I’m always here… I’ll be here in 2019, I’ll be here long after the sun runs out of fuel and stuff.

In your mind, you must believe the person who can produce the superior logic is the better programmer. Hence those coming from mathematical backgrounds would stand prevalent. However, I’d argue those who can produce maintainable architectures should be held just as highly, and… such architectural skills do indeed come from experience.

Well there were no details, frankly but the programmers in the research were measured in speed and efficiency. What they were asked to program I have no idea, but it very well might have been smaller projects requiring little to no architecture. I should find.back that study.