Why dell desktops suck

There are countless reasons why dells suck but I will list the ones I have personally experienced recently and throughout the years most specifically with desktops from the optiplex and inspiron series from Pentium/Celeron 2/3 with the slots to the Pentium 4 with the annoying proprietary RD-RAM. The several I have worked on all had unnecessarily razor sharp edges on every part of the case and even the heat-sink. The case is designed in weird cramped ways to make it hard to work in and to force you to cut up your hands and fingers on the said razor sharp edges. They could have used standard AT or ATX case designs, but no that would make things easy… They have loads of weird proprietary parts instead of the normal industry accepted standards on everything from internal speaker wires to the power and LED buttons “weird non standard ribbon cables that detach and break from their connectors easily” All the parts are flimsy and break 10 times easier than normal parts even if you never open the case. The heat-sink clamps on the board are really horrible and detach for no reason these are really tiny plastic things that are supposed to hold really huge aluminum heat-sinks. The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that “Dude you’re getting a dell” guy designed all the cases and parts while smoking a lot of weed. Thankfully all the ones I have experienced I either got for free or worked on for another cursed soul… I would never in a billion years buy a consumer store brand PC…

i like dell laptops. i just build my own desktops

I need a new desktop. Our Dell desktop is 'orrible. 1GB RAM = x_x

You should learn to read… this isnt about the lack of hardware in a machine >:| this is about dell being bitches and using shitty emo parts in the construction of their machines.

The parts in our computer were outdated within a few months of purchasing it brand new.

Happens to all of us. It’s called progress of technology.

my dell was outdated the day it left the store…that was years ago…

I dont even use my desktop anymore, my laptop is better…and my 128mb videocard in my desktop went out too often to even use the desktop much.

thats when you turn it into a server

I got 3 computers in my closet that I could turn into a server but because my internet is weird and I don’t know how to port forward even after several tutorials it never happened :frowning:

my desktop /is/ my Anima server, but it doesnt have internet access right now

FUCK. I hate 'em too, my “Fast” (Quotes, as to not piss off people that think it’s not) desktop computer died last month. I had it for 5-6 months.

Now I just have to wait until my brother comes and looks at it, since he says he knows the problem.

i currently use a hp desktop with xp. its OLD

Stop using my computer.

Seriously guise.


like me buying a core 2 duo a week before the new i3 - i7’s came out. fml

and alienware did something wrong -_-

Anyone who buys an alienware computer should go die, save yourself money and just build one

seriously. alienware was a huge mistake for everyone involved.

If you don’t need a powerful machine, get a Thinkpad. When it reaches end of life they make great servers.
I currently have one as a dedicated family torrent server which can play straight on the TV.
I use another simply as a wireless repeater to reach my room in the attic.

… Can never have too many old redundant thinkpads :stuck_out_tongue:

If you need a powerful machine and can do without Windows, I highly recommend an IBM p-series. I have one with similar specs to this


And so far it has proved to be excellent. I have yet to manage to compile wine on AIX 6.1 so no Graal 2D unfortunately lol.

Also be warned that although it uses a PowerPC processor. It is slightly different to that of Apple’s old Macs and so many Linux distros and *BSD will not support it even though they have ppc binaries.

or just build a badass powerful desktop at newegg for under 400 dollars. mine are all around 300 and super fast.