What’s the problem? Don’t you want to be kept safe from all the “conspiracy theorists” like me?

“Conspiracy theorists” will keep us alive.

What’s the big deal it’s just a weather balloon experiment which malfunctioned due to an abundance of swamp gas.

I know! We should start using swamp gas in our ovens and cars and shit!

If people thought the government wasn’t watching literally everything they need to come out from under their rocks and look at just how many backdoors are built in to every program they use on a daily basis…

What really has me baffled is the people that are like, “well why don’t you want them to spy on you? What do you have to hide?” How about my privacy? Would you want me listening in on your calls? Checking up on your internet history? Of course not! So why is it okay for a government that is supposed to be controlled by the people to take matters into their own hands and do this crap to the people? Not wanting to be searched shouldn’t be a cause for alarm either, it should be common. Who wants to be searched? Not me. Do I have illegal shit on me? No. Why should that mean that I want to be searched?