Will be On and Off.

Not an emotional breakdown but the fact that I should start growing on other forum communities is the case. Theres nothing really going on but flame,trollish and bullshit. So yeah im not becoming non active cause of anyone specifically or anyone at all. Just no progress on the servers or anything. I’ll check back in here and there.

Why don’t you start growing on real life communities? You’re on these forums every waking hour.

Fixed for accuracy.

He’s lying. Everyone should just remember that Kalzor, Downsider, and I drove him out.

Not unlike cancer I assume.

Believe what you want. I’m going to just take the high road on this provoke to anger me. (As if you ever did, I toyed with u 3 that past day.)

I thought you were leaving–hop to it

why are you on a different account?

Farewell, Omari Watson. You will be missed.

Lol, I felt that coming. I’m not bothered though.