Witch should i stay with?

A normal server or a Modern server. Why?

well whatever path you take be prepared to make some original content.

I think that’s the major factor make something yourself and don’t rip off era tiles if you make a modern sever be prepared to spend allot of time and hard work on your graphics since you will pretty much have to start from scratch.

make a post apocalyptic modern that uses classic tiles

What other modern tiles are there other then eras… except CDA

It’s the best kind: your own.

Im not that great at gfx. I mean i can do it. But… meh.

I’ll give you a deal. For every original 16 by 16 pixel tile you create for your brand new modern tileset, I’ll make 2. Go.

crossfire, make some water tiles and make him do all the hard ones.

If you’re going to do a modern server be prepared to make a ton of original stuff. If yours doesn’t stand out there are 23232323 others you’re competing with. Arguably the same can be said for classic servers. Do something cool, like a island/cave/underwater server where people are fish people or some shit. Don’t confine yourself to what has already been done, unless you want to deviate wildly from the original.

On the contrary! You don’t have to follow new and wildly imaginative lines to make something good. I made Dreamscape using pics1 and simple quests and people enjoyed it.

Just know what you’re doing and don’t settle for anything less than your own view of perfection. Even if you never achieve what you wanted it to look like, you’ve already strived to go further than you probably would have if you’d just gone in there slapping any old crap up as levels.

You could always beg joey for some insight.