Working on improvements

A list of what I have improved so far and then a list as to what needs done (Will be updated frequently) :


  • New basic town

  • Fixed attack speed for baddies

  • New start sword

  • Better Qmenu icons

  • Better buying GUI

  • Bombs

  • New overworld and idea

  • Rename most hats to shorten array length

  • Sweet monsters

  • Fixed login for swords

  • Redo sloppy GFX

  • New tiles!

  • Better level style

  • Half done quests :0

  • More guidance and quests / jobs

  • Multiplayer baddies

:open_mouth: are you redoing the GUI? I didn’t like it, but I left it alone because I knew you guys might like it. Also, let me test those bombs. I want to see if they still freeze my client :smiley:

They don’t freeze client anymore. The reason before was because it was using an outrageous loop. I slowed down the speed for it.

I agree. Make the new one fit in a normal sized window. Couldn’t see the old one w/o adjusting my client window.

That would be nice :slight_smile:

redo the q menu kondie :stuck_out_tongue:

I shaded and outlined all of the pieces that you made. Redid the base to have smoother lines. Also, changed circles into squares that don’t look too half-assed.

Also, as for the GUI, I just repixeled most of it to look smoother.

I was more inferring that you should change the screen position of it to a more centralized position since people dont like to adjust there client windows

Hmmm, I don’t have to resize my window when I use it though. That’s the problem, I don’t know what to resize it to. Also, it’s already using that centering thing. Screenheight-2 or something.

no focus the top most image of the q menu to screenheight/2-(imgwidth()/2)

YES That is the TRUE center of the screen.

showimg makes the image show at the top left pixel of the image, and if you don’t divide it by 2 it will show at the top left instead of the middle.

I did that for the buying GUI, didn’t know it wasn’t done for the Qmenu. I’ll get on that now.

I’m glad that you chose not to abandon this project. Seriously, it looked promising.

It was just that we rushed through almost all of it, I want to clean up the mess we made.

Just don’t do it again, maybe instead of cleaning up for your messes this time I will be able to make some stuff and take some of the work off your shoulders?

4/10 is high coming from kalzor. Also it was 4/10 because it was nowhere near complete, it’s got a long way to go (but i must agree it did show promise).

Thread cleaned up and opened by request of Kondie.

O_o What the hell

Hahaha just noticed your typo today.

lol :stuck_out_tongue: