World Folder Question


Is it possible to make a folder in ur world folder were you can upload levels and you can warp to them? Other than rw World/*


Yes, change your folder config. I’ve done it… but the feature seems broken… :frowning:




lol? I do this on PWA all the time. Not broken at all. You must fail at setting folderconfig.


Idk anything about folder configs… how do i use them/edit them, ect?


It’s hidden on the right side of the RC window or something like that. You might actually have to try more than one of the buttons to find it…


ik were it is, idk how to use it.


Folder Configuration

head heads-0-d/*
head heads-e-j/*
head heads-k-p/*
head heads-q-u/*
head heads-v-z/*
body bodies/.png
sword swords/

shield shields/*
file ganis/.gani
file hats/
file hats/.png
file hats/
file images-gif/.gif
file images-png/
file images-mng/.mng
file images/
file images/.png
file images/
file sounds/.mid
file sounds/
file sounds/.wav
file .gani
file .gif
file .mng
file .png
file .rar
file .mid
file .mp3
file .wav
level .nw
level .graal
file .txt
file .gmap
file global/

head global/heads/

body global/bodies/
sword global/swords/

shield global/shields/

level levels/
level levels/
level levels/
file levels/
file levels/
level levels/hypotheticalfoldername/
level levels/hypotheticalfoldername/
level levels/hypotheticalfoldername/
file levels/hypotheticalfoldername/.txt
file levels/hypotheticalfoldername/


i Added “level levels/tore/*.nw”, then i added it to my rights, then i added a unadded level to the server, i warped to it, it said failed… why?


I had urza and others check my folder config, it definately didn’t work for me on my server build…


Tore wantsta add his own levels >:0


try resetting the server. It helps the server forcibly insert the “logic” that you guys just put in there. Make sure you’re spelling it absolutely correct, capitals and everything. Servers are really finicky, I’ve had a lot of trouble with things on RC, just assume everything is case-sensitive.


Did you set your rights so 'rw levels/tore/* '?


anyone got a fix for this on the latest gserver? i’m having the same issue, and yes i have it set in my rights correctly

when trying to warp to the level, that’s in the subfolder it just says failed.


It’s not broken, atleast it wasn’t. If it is, make a bug-report instead of necroposting in this thread.