Worms Reloaded

Team17 has released a new iteration to the Worms series: Worms Reloaded. Based off Worms 2: Armageddon for the XBox360, this represents a return to 2D for the Worms franchise on the PC.

Worms Reloaded offers Steamworks integration so you get those fancy achievements and stuff.
Also, you get a new Soldier skin (Holy Hand Grenades and a Worms helmet) in TF2 if you buy it before September 2nd.

Check out its Steam page here:


Rone and I used to play Worms 2 when it was a demo back in the day.
Started a clan called |23\/01\/3|2 (Revolver) after the Beatles album.
This is awesome. I love Steam. What a great company.

I got into the beta for it. Sucked because it was multiplayer only and my wife was still on her overnight shift, so the times people were actually playing was when I was asleep, basically. Pre-ordered it a while back and got to play it a bit yesterday. Loads of fun, like any good Worms game.

Think my favourite part though is being able to play it with a USB gamepad, since my first Worms experience was Worms 2 for the Playstation.

You get this too.

I don’t play TF2. shrugs

I used to really like Gunbound years ago. I wouldn’t play it now because the client is like 800x600 fullscreen only. I know that was supposed to be based on Worms, but the only version of that I’ve played was some weird Genesis beta rom. Is Reloaded comparable to Gunbound, just with lots more weapons and stuff to do? I’ll probably wait until a sale regardless (bought Plain Sight for $2 yesterday, it’s fun).

You don’t know what you are missing.

It’s great.

No, I do. I’ve played it before. Enjoyed it. I’m not good at FPSs in general, so when most of the people I can find to play against have competition-grade levels of skill, I have to step aside from a game.

Medic or Engineer if you are no good at the game, or play Pyro like me. They are easy and fun :slight_smile: Or you can play solider, just hang back and spam rockets you will usually kill a few people.

lol I got fustrated trying to get new weapons on TF2

Here is a trailer featuring some of the weapons.
The game has 48 weapons in total, but I don’t know if they count “Skip Go” and “Surrender” as weapons.

All I can say is. Ninjna Is that using the ninja rope would be hella lot easier in 2d compared to Warms 4

AKA, I woke up plastered and tried to post.

Crap you found me out ;D

I play Sniper mostly.

“Thanks for standing still Wanker!”

Everyone hates Snipers.

Lol. I haven’t played any worms game since the Worms 2 online demo. It was cool because we all only had one level to play, so you got to know it like the back of your hand. Ninja Roping was an art.

I used to be pretty epic at TF2, though I haven’t played much lately. I played competitively as a soldier in some 6v6 matches in a Cevo tourney, though I was an alternate. Anymore, I stick to Pyro and Scout.