wtf is up

What’s going on? How is life?

I had been part of that programming class last time I was here. I dropped out of school completely last May and then soon after my computer broke, leaving me with pretty much nothing to do but sit around and be depressed. I had been trying different things like getting a job and stuff but I found out pretty fast you need to complete school to get anywhere with that. So right now I’m in adult-ed grabbing the last credits I need and I dunno what I’m gonna do after that.
My brother used his autismbux to get me some parts and we made a decent bargain computer so now I can play pretty much anything I throw at it. It’s not much but it’s something. Been playing lots of League in my spare time to relearn shit since I actually have a decent PC and connection now, so I might hop into ranked as soon as I get a chance.
Otherwise nothing much has happened. /closediary

What are you guys up to?

Stopped Graaling for a year or so while I reevaluated my life. Back in school for engineering, back to graaling.

Glad to see you back for the time!

Doing the last year of my software engineering degree , sheet yes! :dangerless:

Graal is fucking dumb. We had a chance to make the site better and get a new client from Jatz, but these fucks ruined it.

what exactly happened?

As for Graal, I haven’t been up to much lately. I worked on a few things like some maps last year. I did a little bit of work on Land of Sporks a couple weeks ago, as well. I’ve mainly been focusing on my CS:GO map project, I’m about six months into it and I think I’m about one third finished detailing the map, I expect to have it finished before summer. I’ll post some more pics in the thread for it soon.

Jatz vs Hentai

Hentai won.

This isn’t totally inaccurate.


Jatz asked dylan not to push him and, of course, dylan couldn’t resist. Dylan didn’t do anything wrong, but this could have all been avoided if he employed some tact.

Also, Jatz felt generally unappreciated and overworked:

Jatz, I understand where you’re coming from but chill the fuck out.

I dunno how long you’ve been in charge, and idk how hard this is for you to deal with, but you’re obviously doing this for the wrong reasons. Come back when you figure yourself out.

also yay hentai


I talked with Jatz a lot on Skype; he ain’t havin’ this shit. He was hosting GR on his own servers and paying for it with his own money. He might come back for the sake of posting and promoting his projects, but I doubt he’ll help with GR anymore.

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He didn’t have a problem with hentai. dylan was pretty much posting lolicon, which is illegal in Australia.

well to be fair it IS Graal. I wouldn’t waste any time on this shit.

Some things are better off dead and left as a happy memory. Even if we managed to recode the client and get a decent server running, I doubt anyone would come. The MMO scene and just gaming in general has changed since this game came out. Why would I spend time on Graal when I could be playing Tree of Saviour next month? lol

Imagine all the fun stuff about Graal, but better.

That’s what Jatz is working on.

ftfy :wink:
I’d rather play that indie game he was working on with the PVP and gems and shit

He is still working on Imperim.

it’s illegal here too


nah just kidding I make sure all of my waifus are of legal age

it’s illegal in Japan too but it’s only that way if you get caught.

makes importing it here a pain in the ass though. If they have any reason to think it’s lolicon yer fucked m8

ps. Onodera-chan is only 17.

I wouldn’t look at hentai of Dera-chan, she’s way too pure to be viewed that way

also fuck off, are you trying to get me sent to jail? do you know how much my ass would be beaten daily if I went to jail for lolicon, I’d be the whiteboy punching bag if I was locked up for that kind of shit.

the only good otaku is a dead otaku

white people can’t be otakus, we’re not even good enough to use Jap words for ourselves, we’re just filthy weebs

not all of us can become nihonjin like Ken-sama