WTH happened to my server?

Seriously, get it back on or something. I really need it back on.

haha the sig

No, take it up with Urza, VariousWeapon, or Spooon. We warned you

what did he do that got it shut down?

he was abusing players on his server. Someones been a “bad kitty”

He provoked them, then he sent them to jail when they defended. Then he proceeded to call names and swear, after banning them for that same reason. Talk about immature and corrupt. Who can handle a server with that level of maturity?!

ha what a bitchass nigga, how come he isnt banned yet on the forums, someone get rid of this punk

changes petition from tricxta, to benjiro.

Says your server was set to 0 (Under-Construction, or UC). You need to type the name of the server in the small text bar to go on it.

If it was modified because of staff abuse it should be public again in a couple days or something. I don’t think we’re cutting down on empty server spam at the moment. I suggest you take the time to develop and make your server playable.

Maybe a town with some goofy quests and a small weapon shop to give you something to show off aside from staff powers?

Yes I fully respect players. Unfortunately a glitch happened in the client when I walked by a player. (Very Ironic). So I sent him to jail. He happened to he AFK or something because he didn’t respond. Eventaully he said something. He said fuck you. I thought he was joking because I hang out wig him on other servers and he was my graal idol. Then I said jokingly back pussymotherfuckerasshole(I didn’t mean itfor real because he was my friend). Then he responded in I took a pic and Yor server is getting shut down! He was like I don’t like noobs and he said something about his server. Thus the crazyiness began. I am more hated than Tricxta :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d have to talk to Urza, but I’d suggest not jailing people until you have a population to worry about.

I don’t know what happened but I don’t really care… You’re in the early development stages and regardless of what’s going on the server will be public well within the week. You still have access to upload and test things, so focus on getting some content going.

Really? I couldn’t find it on RC last night. Well I guess it’s probably back on. I’m gonna work on my new town, Ocean View. It’s gonna have horse stables and a hula hoop shop and some other cool places…

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ROFL LMFAO, it’s better than nothing

Lmao wtf are you talking about. I said what the fuck is going on. Then you called me a motherfuckerpussyasshole. Your maturity level really needs to be raised, and as Yenairo said earlier, grow a pair and come back.

Please stay out of this and off my server. If you’re gonna lie then GO

Thread locked. One more fucking thread I’m banning you, I told you to talk to a PWA.

Learn to use PMs or your just gonna get trolled up the ass.