Xerinia :/.

I know this is kinda late,But now i know what I wanna do on xerinia ,so can joey or any other server administrator turn it on.It would be highly appreciated


Xerinia was only cool while I was working on it :expressionless:

lol, better do so or it will end up being another boring server, kinda like xialza :open_mouth:

Well ive been making some custom ganis,and no not zodiac walk and sword gani edits.I was gonna make custom rupees and such and might even finish the tileset I was working on.

-_- what do you mean Xialza is boring. Stop dissing your own work.

Well its not that its boring its just I think hes a bit embarrassed because kondies been taking zodiac stuff.A wise 18 year old aussie once told me to stop stealing and start being original and thats what i did.

tricxta still steals. :\ Hypocrites, all of you.

Ive seen tricxta steal 3x in my life those were hats for skitz playground FFS leave him alone!

___Merged doublepost__________________

Also were getting off subject.If it dosnt have to do with the thread then dont say anything.

Yen is right on the mark!!

Eh I’m lazy that’s why I steal ganis. It’s not like I stole their sword images and shit.

Work on it offline, Joey’s not doing anything to fix the hosting anytime soon.