XEROX the Barbarian - Arcade, Beat-em-up Style Graal Game

Hey everyone. I had some free time in-between semesters this summer and made a 1-4 player game using the Graal 1.41 client. It is a Golden Axe “Beat 'em up” style game where you advance through levels by defeating a variety of enemies. You have four characters to choose from (XEROX the Barbarian, Dagren the Orcslayer, Octavius the Wizard, and Romulus the Elf) and if you die with each character during a particular level, you have to restart the level. Each level includes a boss and a half-boss that increases in difficulty. Because it uses 1.41, up to 4 players can play at one time using split screen and 4 joysticks or controllers. Lemme know what you think. :slight_smile:

Video Trailer:

Download Link:

XEROX the Barbarian web series:

Looks good, nice work.

The music in the video is the theme of Golden Axe, and I cannot believe I remember that.

Heh, the original head42.gif, the Manny Calvera head.

Haha this is a neat idea, perhaps you should make it into a server and host it on graal reborn :slight_smile: It would be pretty cool. Also I like how you put some of Ace’s weapons to good use. Good job!

Edit:after playing through some of the game with the mage class I have some suggestions:
1)reward players who go through each level and kill all the enemies, perhaps give them some xp and they level up so there weapon damage is base damage multiplied by level

2)with mage healing make 2 spells, heal others which lays a heart in front of you, you can do this using playerx+(vecx(playerdir)*2) and playery+(vecy(playerdir)*2) for the x and y co-ords, also with the heal self use playerhearts+=1; so you can heal yourself without having to stop

Hey, thanks guys.
If I do update it, I’ll definitely add an options menu where you can turn off the music or w/e.
As far as a server game… If someone else adapted it for server-use, I wouldn’t have a problem with it… Actually, I think it’d be much better off as a LAN style game since its designed to be for only 4 players.
If it were possible to make 1.41 and above connect to a LAN like 1.39 did, I would definitely make some more of these arcade kind of games. Also, I would use the 2.22 client, decreasing the scripting limitations I would have to deal with…

Why not make this a server and use the group triggerhacks for allowing up to 4 players? in one instance. It should be relatively easy to do when you understand the commands.

Hmmm… Sounds pretty cool. I’d have to do some research as I am unfamiliar with scripting for a server… I’m gonna need to check out the tutorials on how to do the server-side stuff…

What tutorials?

this if it came to graal reborn it would be cool

and i dif think tht u shld make ur own weps gfx tht would make it jst tht little better :smiley:

shit your sig is nauseating now! o_0

By tutorials, I mean doing google searches on how to set up Gserver for Graal Reborn… I only have experience with the GServer that was for 1.39 and that one blows.

Thanks Riley. Got the server up as private right now, but I need to re-edit some levels to set server flags. What would be the command to set a server flag in the game?
Right now, flags are only set on an individual basis and the majority of the flags that are set need to be server-wide.
Also, how do I set a designated spawning point when a player dies?
Lastly, how would I reset all server flags when all players have left?

It looks great,nice work man!

setstring server.somename,value;

if (playerdies){
  tokenize #s(client.respawn);//to set a client string, same as the server string just with client. in stead of server. Example setstring client.respawn onlinestartlocal.nw,30,30;
  setlevel2 #t(0),strtofloat(#t(1)),strtofloat(#t(2));//where token 0 is the level, 1 is the x co-ord and 2 is the y co-ord

No idea but I would reset all the server flags when a player logs on and there is only 1 player on the server. I devised a system to get the number of players online at one time and there account names but I don’t know exactly what you aim to do so I won’t post it just yet :wink:

You can use toinventory for temporary flags, I believe.

toinventory will set a normal flag but put the npc image on your hud so it’s not really temporary lol.


I like rilies idea, to do it just grab one of aces baddies and instead of having if (playerenters) as the trigger replace with something like if (assist) then make a weapon for the player:

if (weaponfired){
  For (i=0;i<npcscount;i++)callnpc i,assist,;

Just not that this method will call every npc in the level but they will only do something if they have ’ if(assist)’ in there script. Cant wait to see an update sometime :slight_smile: