A new server similar to that of zodiac. This server has had alot of work on it and we hope you enjoy playing on it.
Please note: Some features are not quite finished but will be comming to you very quickly.

-Different host(more stable and better just coz…)
-2 new quests for you to do while having fun pking with a wide range of weapons
-New bows!!!
-Spells (Made but will be released in future updates)
-Jobs:Leaf picking(slash bushes to get leaves, bushes have a 15% chance of dropping leaves) leaves sell for 40 gold pieces each
-2 new shops!!!
-Custom Baddies :open_mouth:
-Sprinting boots and flippers
-Healing beds and Waterfalls

-custom q menu
-custom skills menu (still being worked on but not far away from release)
-Various skills, will be revealed in future updates but are made
-Custom hat gui (in hiding)
-New hats
-Potions to replenish stats such as mp and hp
-upgradeable health, stamina, mana and bag size(bag size is for carrying arrows, potions, etc… default bag size is 99 items)
-Ore dropping (so you can share your ores with your friends,made but not released)
-Custom hud
-Custom tileset
-Zod styled weapons (redrawn and more proportional to buildings and players…no rediculously big swords, just a smidgen too large but still not too big :wink: lol)

Theres also someother stuff but I dont want to ruin all the suprises.

-Theres no point in trying to go off map with disconect levels!not gunna work
-All accounts will be reset, (admins will not have there accounts reset)
-Guilds fixed(no longer pretending to be an admin or owner, you just cant…)
-Make sure you have light effects enabled, if you dont some of the hud will look weird…
-Make sure to view graal in the full screen height and move it out a bit so you view everything properly
-Im sure there was some more things to note but meh… ill update this later when I remember


We are in need of more staff, if you think you have what it takes give it a try and submit your application along with an example of your best work to my email:[email protected]

Good job guys, for everyone else, ive been lucky enough to try this, and its actually really fun.

A sneak peek at an area coming to you soon after release

Dark Forest: It might just be a couple of dark levels… but who knows what you might find if you venture around a bit, theres more to it then just a couple of bunnies :eek:

Judging by the first screenshot if you stay out in the woods too long your face mutates into a hideous monster

Sounds promising Chief.

I’ve already been in the dark forest. I’m a stupid little Hax0r…


anyway FUCK I get home from school at 3:00 o_o
I love you.

uhhh last time you were only able to get in because of a onwall error I made, since then Ive added two onwall checks to each direction for knockback so you and your friends cant go on glitching (not hacking) sprees :marlon:

Might be in a couple of quests. Water Fall climbing!! (Must have flippers)
Also updated first post

That… Defies… Physics!

its a game, its allowed to not make sense

___Merged doublepost__________________

Xialza is now open, go on, check it out and have a good time while pking lol

The people who decide overall what happens to server appear to not like xialza, because of this im seriously wondering wether im wasting my time and instead of making games I should just give up on reborn and graal and just play games…

dont let them get to you tric. alot of ppl hated Kandora too, but as long as there a place ppl play it will move up

Xialza is good.

And wtf? Smoke doesnt burn :0

I’ve got to say Xylophone team it’s pretty fucking impressive.

If you give up I will be pissed. First server in a long while that I have actually played and enjoyed.

Neat we systems, quest and other things. It is very impressive.

Thanks that means a lot considering in the two months of development I was wondering if I could be out having a life rather than working on this server. Glad to know it wasn’t a waste of time for Tricxta and I to start on :).

There’s a reason the only people I’ve hired on my server are people that can LAT/NAT/GFX all in one. Yay faster development!

Seems like a good choice in people. Tricxta use to be retarded, but now he seems quite capable.

As long as he doesn’t crash anymore servers and delete rooms on Bomber I am quite fine.

A big step-up I agree.

Don’t even get me started on that… >:|

I deleted servers. Was good fun.