Tricxta has quit which means I have gone to the dumps. I’m leaving reborn for a bit maybe a few weeks or so then I’ll come back and continue. I love you guys.
-Kondie (Can’t use my real account)

Why can’t you use your real account; why didn’t you just say Tricxta instead of “scriptor”?

The password recovery system is busted. New members can’t sign on after the first time.

Kondie’s account isn’t new.

The Add/Change Pass system is apparently broken too.

It got busted after Nalin/Joey upgraded the forum software. I dunno what’s causing it.

-Never change a running system-


Dont quit, please. On Xialza, and GR.

I’m not quitting, just taking a break from dev. I can’t stand working that long in a row. 4 months without any major breaks. I didn’t even take weekends off. Was really exhausting. I would work on a few houses right now, but Urza hasn’t had Xialza up for the past 2 days for some reason.

I can’t use the “Mark Forums Read” button. It says I need to contract the administrator; I don’t know if this is also a similar issue.

On topic - you guys have a good thing going. Don’t give up. It’s okay to take a break and regroup.

Meh, maybe Tricxta will come back, but for now I’m just doing the project in small pieces and taking breaks. :smiley:

i want to buy tricxta

Don’t we all?

riley can i plz buy him

hes straight sorry benjiro

Riley I think this thread is done.

Kondie, you can work on Zolderon. :smiley:

Isnt zolderon as dead as xialza? I find that with a lazy server owner nothing gets done. Step your game up spooon :0 Also the chances maybe slim but I might come back to xialza seeing as Riley is getting more then enough help.

As I said before, Zolderon was never meant to be more than four overworld levels and a few insides.