Graphics 4
Levels 2
Sounds 1
Playability 3
Total 10 out of 20

The graphics on Xialza make the server. I am happy that Kondie removed recolors and weapons directly from Zodiac. Without the graphics Kondie and others have made for the server, Xialza wouldn’t be bearable to play.

Many of the levels on the server are under-detailed and plain, mainly the overworld. While none of the levels are an eye-sore, they aren’t exactly the most appealing.

The sounds that Xialza use are Graal’s default, and that’s fine. However, as far as I’ve seen every weapon uses the same sound while attacking and there are no sounds from outside sources. Very disappointing.

When I went onto Xialza earlier today I was expecting the server to be rid of at least most of the problems it had during their last re-openning, and was almost immediately bombarded with problem after problem. All of the problems can be fixed but choose not to be by the staff, and the explainations given to me when I asked Kondie about the problems were all about the same and blamed Alex for bugs and missing NPCs.

The quests on the server–while simple–seldom give directions, and many of them do not make sense to begin with. Why doesn’t the girl with the chickens go find the chicken herself if she can guess where it is, and why didn’t she send you where she thought it was in the first place?

Xialza. I am disappoint.

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After I got through the bugs the dungeons scattered around are easy, but nicely made. They give you some helpful tools, too. :smiley:

Spooon Rating: 4/5 Play it.