So, just wanted to let the active members of the community know, I’ve been working on Xialza for a bit with tricxta. Hoping that this time, life will not be getting in the way, and I’ll be able to send out some playable content. Here’s a screenshot of some basic stuff. Any ideas on what you guys would want would be appreciated. Currently undergoing creation of a weapons system, so that’s pretty exciting. Really, just kind of stuck on the story. No guarantee on any dates for releases, just be aware that this is an ongoing project.


you better not be playing April Fools jokes this early in the morning…

Didn’t even realize what date it was lol. I posted it yesterday anyways. It’s forrealz.

Needs chicken fights. I want to level up a chicken like a fucking pokeman.


+1 tric pls

So, currently working on the overworld while tricxta is making the systems. Probably gonna release some sort of video to show how all the systems work pretty soon.

The lack of chickens in these screenshots is disturbing.

For me, what is disturbing in these screenshots, is the 2.5D view, rather than the top-down view.
My noobeness would tell me that this is impossible with tiles, unless tree and houses are NPC objects, which are then non-tiles but .gif or .png images.

Also, the house roof in front in the last screenshot, seems to do a V where normaly I would expect a A (Larger near, less wide when far).

Have you ever actually played Graal?

What’s that bar on the right for

killstreak meter

wasn’t the bar for XP? D:

also the screenshot is fine. Pretty high quality for graal tbh

Yes, it is most definitely for XP. Dylan is just fuckin’ retarded sometimes is all. xD And I’d hope it’s high quality. I’ve put quite a bit of time into the tiles.

you’re the fuckin’ retard if there’s no killstreaks fag
i want a tacticool nuke to blast some niggas

My kill streak on the old Xialza was PRETTY BIG

Yeah, that was nuts, definitely some huge imbalance going on back there… The bane of any new player’s progress.

Make it so you get EXP for PKing.

Maybe make Player Killer into its own class and you get job experience for that class or something. I like the idea but it would be hard to balance quest levels properly with that factored in wouldn’t it? Or maybe once you reach a certain level PK is more of a requirement for the next level or something?

As long as it makes me stronger.