You want random?


We can’t actually film the effect so let’s just make up some wigger ass bullshit.

why does the asian man keep getting sucked into that double screen device…Is there a catch,or does this just not make sense?

:0 calebs back! My goodness! Now noddess has a new rival!

Calebponessa can’t run a server correctly. If you look at every server he’s made there is barely any content. He is very immature (knowing this from working on a failed project of his, Zephyr). If you look at Xerinia it’s no better (maybe worse) than Lumina and has no updates for nearly 6 months.

Uh, that’s kind of a harsh insult considering you can’t even run a server correctly. Should keep your mouth shut until you can do something yourself. Lumina is better than Noddess in my opinion, so don’t go about ranting on other servers until you complete a fully functional one.

[email protected] making it seem like Caleb is someone important. You idiots can’t even be considered Reborn members.

go smoke some pot and chill the fuck out -_-

whos tricxta?

how fast can everyone ruin a thread

guess we know now