Your thoughts on Halo 3?

Well, after ages, I have finally open up my Xbox 360 (Beholder, you should remember the story, about me winning the Xbox 360 and whatnot.). I just picked up Halo 3 to start with, that’s not the point.

I want to hear about you guys thoughts on Halo 3, mainly for online game-play as youtube doesn’t really have what I’m looking for. some kind of review on online input. (don’t have internet quite yet.)

It’s a nice online game. That’s all I can say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. . well it’s online play is wonderful! Where else can you be called a bitch straight up by a 9 year old. :smiley:

Naa, the online play is okay. The ability to create your own levels is nice in a shooter game.
It has many aspects such as random intense action . . .

Plus a load of people love “Zombie”. . . seriously must be the number one game type played. xD

I personally don’t like Halo 3, but these are my opinions as a bystander! xD
Err something . . . anyways . . xD Tell me if that’s the type of review you wanted.

Somewhat what I’m looking for, but whats ‘Zombie’? When my brother and I played the game we only did campaign mode. That’s been about a year ago now.

Basically it’s like . .

Players vs 1 person.

When the 1 person being the “Super Zombie” kills someone, they turn into a zombie.

It goes on like this, you get the general idea.

At least I think that is how it goes.

Are the players as stupid as these guys on GTA as well in Halo…?



All players on every multiplayer games are idiots. :smiley:

Well most of them, there are the select few. lol

A few nice people, the rest just have that “I pwned your noob ass bitch.” attitude.

Oh, well, thats great that means it’ll be like playing on Graal Online all over this is going to be fun in a few days.

It’s funny to listen to the smack talk. :smiley:
Well I find it interesting the colorful … “Language” of today’s youth of all ages.

I’ll pry get this whenever a PC version comes out.