Youtube censorship and french people.

I hate to generalize but why is it that most people named Stephane and most French companies behave in the same dishonest and egregious manner?

If you listen to the whole story and dishonest tactics from start to finish you will think this Stephane Woods guy is a clone of another Stephane…

Wow, I didn’t really realise companies could make such natured claims over their work so easily and how youtube can’t see that the claim is quite clearly a personal attack… Which leads me to find it quite concerning that such incidents should be happening… It isn’t fair on consumers at all really.
Gosh darnit Stefan!


Really YouTube? I’m surprised my videos haven’t been taken down by Unixmad saying I was violating copyright of Graal.

Why did you add a picture of Arin?

because its the best picture to explain how I feel about all of this

looks deleted, the vid

caaaaptain obvious