Yup another noob ;D

Ya I’m new, blah blah, I’m Terraun, blah blah, I get to annoy you all now.

Welcome, don’t be too annoying…

Or just don’t be annoying.


Jk, thanks guys.

Don’t want to be a noob?

1: Use the search feature
2: Try to do it yourself first, before asking for help. When you ask for help, show us what you tried.
3: Don’t ask for things to be done or made for you.

Welcome to ya’.

or just play graal and not create a server. thats what i do.

Terraun is one letter away from Terran. I get to kick your ass in Starcraft now. >:U

Weocome. Please dont be the new benjiro.

He will be. Just watch. 8D

I know, i fear we will have to bring out the tinderboxes.

he wont be annoying, after all his making fun of noobs in a way therefore making him anti noob. :slight_smile:

Or a very smart noob.

Wait thats impossible.

He’s semi noob. Noob at the editor, But he has been playing Classic and UN for years it seems.

I am the Painis Cupcake of GR! (・ヮ・)
Sorry, I just wanted to say that. Welcome to Graal’s cult-like GS1 clone.



Please guys, stop.

These jokes are Terrauble.