Zardonia Development

Zardonia is a new reborn server, we are currently in need of levelers, join our official discord if you are interested in applying

Most people probably won’t want to get on a voice chat service for this kind of thing. I’m not sure if it also has text chat capabilities, though, as I’ve never used it.

It does have text chat, we use it to communicate with the community.

I see, well good luck with the project!

Hello, I would like to consider purchasing graalat packs, could you provide the pricing details on these forums?

thanks man!

we decided to take that down until further notice


selling gralat packs?
lol looks like stephane jr has arrived on the forums

:megaeek: no hahaha

What’s wrong with selling perks on a server? Lot’s of other game server/emulators do this.

it’s their server so they can ultimately do what they want, but it’s a questionable practice by any means and outright greedy if it’s lacking content. better to donate money to the forums or server providers imo. either way we’re not responsible if mr unixmad finds out and tries to sue

Wait you guys are seriously trying to sell perks? Good luck with that I suppose.

This is really gonna piss on portaloo’s seat. Could get interesting :smiley:

This thread is historical gold.

This thread sucks.

yeah ok lol

I remember this lol

grawllllllllll k.

are you guys still gonna sell perks?