For those of you who don’t know a new server called ZC-Fantasy is out, I am developing the server with the help of some other people who you may know as tricxta,caleb and i even get a couple of pointers from kondie. if you would like to see the preview of the server here it is. [B]If you want to see a bigger image of it then click on the image :smiley:



ill play

right now the server content isnt released so if u log on all u will see is default graal OSL, I dont know when the release date will be due to the lack of scripting, if theres any dedicated ->good<- scriptors out there who would like to work on a server then just pm me.

He wouldn’t let me make levels for his server.

well good for him

No, he’s screwed. One of my levels here:

Alright here’s another preview, the server will consist of 3 basic classes, these classes are warrior,rouge and archer. And for those thinking “what about mage!?” ive decided i wont implement mage’s so dont ask.

Also Benjiro I don’t need your help so quit asking me.


Oh, alright. I just thought it would really help you out. I could also do some touch-ups on your pixel art, but if you don’t need any help it’s ok.
I guess I can just sit back and watch you suffer while you fail at making a server. Basically a Xialza demake lol.