Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

Just to brag, I’ve been playing a bit more of my finished game and finally found all the maiamai. (octopi with a shell)
All I’m missing now is 3 quarter hearts: the one you win at baseball, the one you win avoiding the chickens and the one you win racing through the map.


edit: I’m also missing the fifth bottle… had no idea that one existed.

nice. I never had the patience to finish all the tedious stuff

Man I kinda hated it. It didn’t feel faithful to the original game at all. It just took all the innovative parts of the game and replaced it with mind numbingly easy shit and a boring story.

I was skeptic about the turning into a painting mechanic when the previews were released but I find it is a very high quality game. The console’s limitations are almost completely invisible.

Aside from that, yes it’s pretty much LTTP without dungeon weapons and finally a good reason to gather rupees. Not much innovation but I find it very enjoyable. It is easy aside from when you start and end the first world and when you start the second world. True for both difficulties. Currently I’m playing the heroic mode and long for the blue tunic (monsters do twice the damage so some of them can kill me once shot)… and once I’ll have the red tunic, it’ll be a walk in the park. It can get boring but I find the game’s quality is so high it’s enjoyable by itself.

I’m just waiting for the Citra emulator to become more stable to play all those 3DS games I wanted to play, but in glorious 1440p 60 fps instead of peasantry 240p nauseating sub-30 fps.


just buy an exploitable 3ds and you can run pirated games off the internal sd there ridiculously cheap old 3ds ftw

I’m not concerned about paying for games, I don’t need to pirate. I’m more concerned about the shitty resolution and framerate. I would love to play all the 3DS Fire Emblems but I’m just not playing at that framerate and resolution. I’m not saying others are wrong for enjoying it, just personal preference. I’m too spoiled by PC gaming.

but…what? The problems will still be there if you emulate.

What I’m most concerned about is the touch screen… having to use the mouse doesn’t sound fun.

It’s there was currently a highly 3DS stable emulator that wouldn’t be the case, but one day that might not be the case, as Citra is very promising. Which is why in my original post I said “i’m waiting for…” As is the case with N64, Gamecube, PSX, PS2, original DS, Wii. Super Smash Bros Brawl Project M on dolphin at flawless 1440p 60 fps with ambient occlusion o bby. (Instead of the original garbage 480p resolution and 30 fps eyesore, and this is coming from someone who owns a wii and played it dearly when it came out). There is even a WiiU emulator Cemu which is making great progress right now, already running the new Mario Kart at 60ish FPS at 1080p with lots of graphical glitches and instability obviously, as it’s early in development.

As far as the touch screen goes, you could hypothetically get an Nvidia shield http://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-SHIELD-…nividia+shield stream it from your PC as use a phone touchscreen as the touchscreen which IMO would be better than using the stylus. Either way I would likely avoid games which required heavy use of the stylus. (Fire Emblem is definitely not one of them.)

I won’t be impressed until they make a N64 emulator that can at least run Gauntlet Legends…
Or Final Fantasy Tactics on PS1

I played Lunar on PS1 emulated from my Wii and it bugged at the CD change… I wish those talented developpers would get into emulating the older consoles flawlessly before the rest.

Not sure what you mean, don’t know about Gauntlet Legends (Project64 stopped development a long time ago) but I run final fantasy tactics on ePSXE flawlessly, and on even my phone too.

You would be missing out on most of the great games 3DS has to offer, including my personal favourite, Etrian Odyssey 4

this and man it just ain’t the same without the stylus and touchscreen.

I have multiple original DS’s and there were quite a few games that weren’t dependent on the touchscreen. The Castlevania games, Super Mario 64, Mario Kart DS just to name a few. The fire emblem games for 3DS isn’t dependent either from what I’ve seen, entirely button controllable. I’m not saying there is any ideal solution other than those companies porting those games to PC, which they will never do, except for Square Enix they ported Final Fantasy III DS and Final Fantasy VI DS to PC which was pretty cool. But I just prefer that nice, crisp resolution.

Not exactlt flawless. FFT’s sound bugs and so do the dialogues… Am I missing something?