Zelda BotW

Got it April 5th. Bought Switch for that sole purpose. Not regretting it. Awesome game.

Supposedly there were frame dropping issues. How bad is it really?

It can be quite bad int parts, but for the most part it runs very smooth.

There’s a fair few shitty bugs/annoyances in it like with the blood moon messing up progress, especially when fighting a overworld boss monster.

You can’t skip some cut scenes which is really tedious (talking to certain NPCs or the blood moon bullshittery)

The weather is a pain especially in some quests where you require it not to be raining. horse riding is quite annoying (auto-correction really feels off), sensitivity of the bow is to fast, control schemes quite complicated, crafting can be quite tedious, target lock is terrible.

There’s not a lot of monsters and quite a few recolours. Some do act differently, but some more variety would have been nice.

That all being said. It’s still a really fun game and very nice looking. I’ve sunk like 40+ hours into, easily.

Framerate drops happen, but the games stays playable.

Blood moon (which regenerates all baddies on the map) is random and doesn’t seem to have exceptions built in so sometimes some people have even had 2 blood moons in the same night.

All cut scenes are skippable, at least they are on the switch. I have to press X then press + on those that are more “important”.

I think the weather is fun. I’ve needed to wait for it to get better only once really because it was a thunderstorm. I don’t use horses much so I can’t tell if they’re good or bad.

I love using the bow, I’m a pretty good archer and can hit very far targets but the gyroscope gets in the way sometimes, it adds to the challenge however. It feels more realistic because no one can hold a target that steadily. Target lock is good for avoiding monster attacks, as a bow user I need to stop target lock in order to hit at the right place on the monster and crit (usually the head, I believe).

I avoid monsters and think there’s a good variety… what you’ve got is bokoblins, moblins and their skeleton counterpart, bats, lizards (in at least 4 different varieties), elemental poes, some special monsters like golems and some crazy horseman hybrid that’s scary and robots I think (add to that those who spout rocks at you). Aside from bears and wolves (wolves are nice, they run towards you and if you crit one with your bow it dies one shot and drops quality meat).

I’ve spent like 90 hours playing it so far. Can’t beat Graal or Starcraft but it is a solid 3rd place in my most hours spent on a game list.

The only thing it is lacking is a good old old school big dungeon and the gaining special weapons mechanic. However, someone wrote “You have 30 years of Zelda fitting that mold” and he’s right. It’s a refreshing experience.

It’s kinda meh aside from the fun of exploring. Underdeveloped for the time they put into it. The non exploration content is trivial because you’ll easily overpower it if you explore first. Knowledge is equally game breaking.

Nothing made me rage more than constant rain while I was climbing mountains. Ledges quickly became impassable.

At first I thought they captured the spirit of the original, but you couldn’t casually obliterate the mid to end game content the way you do in this. The master hot knife wouldn’t have been much worse if it just insta killed Gannon and the other bosses when you entered the room.

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I’ve noticed the game lags most when there’s high grass, wind and you’re not on a plain. It happens less than it sounds.

And yeah, knowledge of the game breaks the game… there’s one thing I would have liked to be told though. Do the camel last, after having done everything, unless you don’t care being attacked by archers just appearing from nowhere every 5 minutes. Really, why does no one complain about that. Completely kills the way I play that game, trying to sneak my way to areas, avoiding roads and fights. Added that they can appear while you’re battling something else already, they’re weak and simply annoying unless you need bows.

I think the archers come from a group that gets more aggressive as you progress through the story. They are annoying though. They drop a decent bow. The Stal monsters got on my nerves when I’d get stuck in an area because of rain or in the middle of sneaking past guardians.

Anyone like the ending to this game? I felt there should have been a dungeon, but instead it’s just the shitty patrols and basic climbing puzzles. And finally on to a sub par boss battle.

I haven’t finished the game. I felt I had done enough before doing the last divine creature or whatever it’s called in English.
Also (I repeat), having the archers randomly attacking me has removed the fun of trying to be sneaky and avoiding routes.