Zelda: Twilight Princess

Just got it for my birthday. It’s a really good game, what’s your guys opinion on it? :slight_smile:

Played Wii version.
Out of all the Zelda games I’ve played I guess it barely makes 4.
It’d feel bad to say 3 because I think it’s better than a 3.
But it’s not even close to a 5 (out of 5.) Too many problems with it.

However when you play with geckocodes hacks on the Wii, 10/5

so much fucking fun jesus christ


it is a good game, i’ve finished it. the twlight areas are a interesting part of the game

It’s decent. Not the best, but definitely not as bad as people make it out to be. My only problem is the excessive intro, wolf, and shortness. Now, the wolf itself isn’t bad, but as far as the Zelda formula goes it’s pretty boring. For example LttP had Light World/Dark world, Minish Cap had shrinking, Oracle of Ages had present/past, Seasons had… seasons. Majora’s mask had a FUCKLOAD OF SIDEQUESTS… while Twilight princess had a pretty boring… wolf mode. You turn into a wolf, do what you gotta do and get the fuck out. And because of this, wolf mode seems to be the cause of the artificial length of the game, all the bug hunting and stuff. If they had focused more on dungeons and sidequests for length it would have been an awesome game.

Wind Waker~~! 5/5