Zolderon 2, Spankdown Skyzer Returnz

Check that fucking server out, me and mah partner in crime VW, but mostly just VW have been working on making the best shittiest server ever \o/

If this isn’t a fucking hint for you guys to go make a server better than this, I don’t know what the fuck is cough Bomber

ill go check it out later on for sure.

Could just use Zolderon’s actual levels and mess with those.

Hey Yen, I accidentally overwrote the mine quest… I thought I downloaded it but apparently not.

k I’ll reupload rofl

Redetailed a bunch of things. VW make a forest dungeon because Onijustin wants one.

Uhmmm, I went on and only saw elven lands. Halp?

I didn’t reset your account, unstick yourself. I’ll get to a forest quest whenever I get home…

That’s the point. :slight_smile:

Do you want classes or a functional house for Onijustin? What were you doing in Oni’s bedroom anyway? At least you got to see the unstick me level.

You think everything’s stupid… o_o

I’ll make the door images tomorrow, I was too busy showing off my epic scripting to open up GIMP and do it.

Also the Neko and Battle Mage classes have been added, you’ll find them in the OSL house. There’s no explanation, you just say the class name you want at the moment.

List server’s down, but I made the overhead images and put one in Oni’s house. I feel so much better knowing that Oni can finally get some sleep.

The level with spikes is fucking impossible because the spikes are so poorly fucking made.

Yeah I’ll remake the spikes, it was a junk quest I made when I first started. At least Yen made it look better.

Edit: I fixed the spikes but I still can’t get on, so it’ll have to wait. Added class descriptions too.

the touchsme flag is a horrible detection flag. run that through a loop instead.

I don’t really care how it works, I just cut down on the rapid spike deaths.

well if it works it works