Zolderon File Pack

All of the files you need to see Zolderon how it’s meant to be seen.

In other words: “Someone host it for me <3”

It’s only the ganis and images. No levels. Urza is already hosting it.

;D Damn



Updated the file pack.

UPDATE!!! (11/21/09)


Checking it out now

Go fuck yourself…again.

Update the attachment in the first post. More images… woo!

Link plox. Too lazy to click the tiny 1.

No. >:|

Zolderon has been taken down by request of the Owner. Close this thread/unsticky it


T’is back up, yo.

If anyone has any of the files that may have been from Zolderon, please share them here. I would be very thankful.

Look for files that start with zold_ or sp_.

___Merged doublepost__________________

Nevermind. Got 'em all. Thanks, Riley.