Zone Roll

Something I made for Zone before Superfanny became a major freak.
Put this in your official Graal folder and make sure you’ve logged on Zone before.

Too bad Zone sucks, eh?

Zone used to be the shit I was there from day one on Era when Dell said we should have a server like SEO’s Infantry we started with the clasic tileset and some horrid looking custom body images but the gameplay was fun as shit.

After stefan snatched it up and the manager got globally banned they started to make it lame and the gameplay suffered at the hands of the gst.

Superfanny = MKnance? O_o

ik rite

wtf mate

Dude, I still have some ancient screenshots from when it was called Significance. Yeah, it was awesome :)))

Only thing I remember is the ugly GUI graphics for the different colored chat or something… which THEY STILL USE.

GRAAAAAAL!!! Or something like that.

Holy shit Infantry is free again. :open_mouth:

There’s also been private servers for Infantry for quite some time, we could’ve set one up if it wasn’t free.

Dunno it. Mind linking it for me?

What the fuck, people?

Nobody cares about your gani >:|

It’s 100x better than you are at life.




Do it, you selfish monkey nipple.

Oh shit. I forgot! NO MORE OF THIS!!