Zxora Online

Hmmm progress with sameira has been going pretty well, well not well, i log on and find lots of crap floating around. which gave me a serious facepalm, i talked to itoon about it and im giving him the server. now im restarting a new one :wink: its called Zxora. I’m already working on the overworld. what about sameira is what chu are wondering. itoon is gonna work on it, hes owner now, good day my friend

Just because they name starts with a X,Y,Z doesn’t mean it’s gonna be popular. It sounds retarded when you pronounce it. Zuh-Ex-Ora. Make it more clean, just look at Xialza’s name: ‘Zi-Al-Za’

My suggestion for you is this. Make it first, then talk about it. Honestly, not many people care about a server that has barely been started on x.x Make a lot of things first, hire people, get something done, then post. That way people will actually get excited and start to post caring things. But good luck xD


Go learn phonics.

Anyhow, good luck with your server!

Ok, ignore me lol. Wasn’t meant to be a troll. Best of luck, just saying what gets me excited :0

I was going to say something similar to this. I even think Xialza is pushing it.
I like Sameira better, it’s more recognizable considering we’ve been inundated (maybe too strong of a word) with player-world’s with z’s and x’s coursing through the name as though it makes it more mystical or RP-worthy.

My suggestion Mimylkizgewd. Pronounced ‘My-milk-is-good’.
With that said, good luck.

Lol it’s pronounced Ze-x-Ora which sounds like zex said quickly and added with an Ora…

Then I suggest you name it Zexora x.x


Since you like firey things.


Zxora is now being changed back to Sameria