2.) Bugs and Fixes

Bugs and Fixes:

Please use this thread to describe any bugs you find in Phoenix. Be as descriptive as possible and, if possible, provide the level you are in and a screenshot.

We will attend to each of these bugs as quickly as possible with a report about the changes made. Please, keep in mind that we do anticipate quite a few bugs and any that you find will be very helpful!

Thanks for your help and have fun playing!

I’m pretty good at finding bugs.

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Door in the middle of quest_boom14 will not open. The button above it is green.

I’m currently in quest_boom9.nw and it keeps disconnecting me.

Edit: it randomly fixed itself.

I don’t think logging in and out for 20 minutes will fix it… Also, I’m having trouble in the vale warp stone quest. I got to the end and received the warp stone, but the water platform won’t work.

Edit: Nevermind, relogging fixed it.

Is the entrance of Tailor Shop (at Vale), suppose to lag?
It seems to be the only entrance that has done that so far. :0

Also just noticed this at the entrance of the Police Station (still there when I relog) :

The tailoring system is pretty heavy, it’s likely to slow you down.

That flame is in a different level, I think, which is why ours doing that, just walk over there. It should fix itself.

Yeah, the tailoring system is badass though, nice work.

Yeah. I think it has to do with the hosting, it will usually, after a few.times, fix itself.

Tricxta came back from AFK and fixed the crap load of bugs I found.

This isn’t necessarily a bug, but the screen “jerking” when you start to go down a ladder makes the “experience” less appealing. Also, “newcomers”, not “newcommers”.

Feel free to split this off into another thread if you want. (I’m not implying that you need my permission to do so!)

It’s a bug in the client. You get disconnected when you have to download some things.

Are you sure that’s the client and not the server? I’m pretty sure large downloads used to disconnect because the server wasn’t sending large file sizes properly. If the server is using a copy that includes my latest revision, then the problem is something else.

I mean seriously, this skips the entire dungeon.
Also Brian is being an ass.
and the cyclops got stuck on one of the stones after a few tries.

Not sure at all. Phoenix is using 2.4.0.

Yep. Seriously. You shouldn’t be able to get to the boss from that direction because you need the item from the dungeon to move passed the stones.

If it’s the exact copy from here, then it’s not using my fixes, and likely explains the problem.

The stones weren’t there for me. That’s how I got the boots and the dungeon boss wasn’t working properly. Also I didn’t get the boomerang before I went there and he was talking about me taking the girl from him before I’d done so. There’s really no clear direction as to where the boomerang is, and I ge disconnected very often from the server due to large file downloads (not Phoenix’s fault).

im trapped in the same bug. how long did it take for it to fix itself?

quite a while.

the following can moreso be seen as complaints rather than bugs or sequence breaks.
also why are you making me choose between two annoying tasks?
Finding someone who can be anywhere is quite a pain.
Trying to defeat someone with
2 more hearts
higher movement speed
and a spin attack.
is also a pain.

I know the quests aren’t supposed to be easy,
or have info given to you on a silver platter,
but these quests are in the way of a source of income.
a source of income you evidently need to gain the items required
to beat one of said quests that are required to get said source of income.

Ha! Okay, well it’ll have to wait until I get home from work to fix.

There is quite a bit of dialogue leading you to the boomerang area, but we don’t come out and tell you where to find it. That’s no fun.