For me, Alakamara is Classic 2.0.

For this server, I’m trying to give it the same epic quest feel of Classic, but updated and revised. I’m working on this very slowly, so don’t expect to see anything soon, but the OW is up and if you want to see it just send me an IM on AIM or whatever.

My plans so far for progressing your character is this:
Newbie quest that gives you the ability to swim. (Flippers, Hammer)
Forest Tablet (L2 Glove, L2 Shield, 1 Heart)

Zorbi Quest (Learn to go underwater, swim faster)
Water Tablet (L2 Sword, L3 Golve, 1 Heart)

Tuanken Quest (Learn to survive in volcanic caves, Hookshot, 1 Heart)
Volcanic Tablet (L3 Shield, 1 Heart)

Ascension Quest (Ability to get into ‘The Heavens’)
Air Tablet (L3 Sword, 1 Heart)

Use all four tablets to open the Gates of the Golden Realm

I haven’t decided on quests for this yet, but you will collect 6 Graal’s and be granted access to Eternia where we will gradually add, what I hope will be GROUP quests. (You will also gain 2 more hearts somewhere in there.)

I’m know this sounds really far-fetched and will never be completed - and honestly, you’re right. But that’s my plan so far.

Sounds beast as hell. Good Plan, I give you all the luck.

Decided I’m going to take an OoT stance on this.

:open_mouth: Nice.

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How did I miss this thread O.o

I was surprised to see you hadn’t posted here.

Edit: Looking for someone good with graphics to recolour something for me.

Don’t need to be good at graphics to recolor something, just replace the palette colors :smiley:

I really don’t have an eye for that sort of thing.

Sounds like what I tried to do for Waffles. Except my desire to create Graal levels is rather quite low.

Luckily that’s my forte.

My forte used to be being a development bad-ass, but now… meh.

sounds like unixgraal.

Shut your whore mouth!

im not saying it’s bad, i like those kinds of servers, the first quest just sounds like the complete unixgraal.

Things are bound to get repeated.

UnixGraal was initally made to try and inspire people to get off their asses and start making servers. lol

Cool just change the server name

We will name it… Classic: Reborn

What did you have in mind? I like Al Kam Ara, but, I could always do something unoriginal like Pandora, or Pangaea

or Kandora.

Is ara 2 syllables? It’s just that 4 syllables al-kam-ar-a is too much imo; especially considering it’s a classic themed server, lots of syllables flow better with rpg/medevil themed servers. I don’t have any ideas right now for a new one though lemme think _