Ships, maps, and fighing fish randomly broke. They worked when Kalzor was hosting it, so I don’t know what’s wrong.

Ships/ship times don’t show.
Fighting fish are stationary and look like empty fish bowls.
Maps just don’t work. (fixed)

I think I forgot to add txt files. Someone fix it. (Kalzor cough)

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Ships and maps are fixed.

I tried to buy a bowling ball (Babord) and had enough rupees but nothing happened :frowning:

Worked perfectly for me. Buying a ball, and bowling.

Maybe it’s just me. I’ve been having some problems where I can run through and play, trigger things, get rupees etc only for the server to disconnect me 10 mins later to be reset where I started.

Sounds like lag.

Possible. However, this has happened in several locations I’ve played at. GraalOnline, MW2, other online games etc appear to run smoothly.

Meh. Doesn’t happen to me.

Clarify please.

Oh, well, this tend to happen when you shut down the server while the user is online. The server never gets to saving the userdata before the server shuts down.

I believe this is my fault, because I shut down the server earlier to upgrade it. Sorry about that.

Send SIGINT or SIGTERM to the server. That will give it time to shut down. Sending SIGKILL is bad.

How do I do that while it’s running in gdb?

My house, fiances house, school

handle sigint pass

When I die and respawn I only have 0.5 hearts. When I relog I have full health.

F7 opens the playerlist, but does not close it.

That’s the client, not the GServer. Blame Stefan.

This probably isn’t a bug but I can’t recall how to get rid of it…the “dead” looking grass/trees etc. I seem to remember it having something to do with Babord, was there some quest to complete to get rid of it?


Anyone have the patience to complete Tyhm’s Hera? Every time I die, I get warped back to the very beginning in the house with the water and lava…on blackness which forces me to warpring out. I made it through to lizard king a few times before giving up.

I ended up bitching at spooon to warp me off the blackness so I didn’t have to restart the whole quest. Beating the lizard king is easy once you figure it out. You gotta stand in the top-right corner, but not close enough that you get hit from the lizard. Then you just keep slashing your sword. His fire attacks won’t be able to hurt you.