is there any way to make firefox ignore certificate errors, or just not check them, or use the actual date instead of system date to determine if they are valid or not?
i have to have an incorrect system time. and even though i added every obscure corner, domain, everything for websites i visit as an exception, the errors are still coming back every time. maybe there are just too many exceptions to handle after i had to add like 100 urls for googlevideo or whatever where the youtube videos are loaded from.

like, any addons or whatevers would be okay too that can do this. but after i looked through every addon which had “cert”,“secur”,“ssl” or “https” in it, i dont think there is one that can help me…

Use older Firefox. There was some new SOP for the net that makes 99% of certificates not validate or something like that

Your computers clock is wrong, fix it. That’ll solve most of your problems. There is no good reason to leave it wrong. You can connect to the internet so sync it with the windows ntp server.

i AM using an older firefox… firefox 3.6.10. and certificate errors only started coming around 2013 or so

yes i know its wrong… but it has to be wrong. and if there is no other solution, and i would have to choose between errors and correct clock, i would choose the errors.
i tried setting the correct time for firefox with cracklock, but didnt seem to work.
i tried some addons which claim they validate the certificates with an other source, but seems like they still use the system time.

Fix your fucking computer clock. Buy a wall-clock and calender.

but thanks

it has to be wrong…why?

Because he is running cracked software

I don’t follow.

Here’s how you fix your certificate problem: fix your computer’s clock.
“I can’t because I’m using software illegally.” Then don’t do that.

Use a proper crack to your software or download a portable version.
I used to have wrong system time to run Jasc Shop Pro or something… that was in early 2000s. Back then it seemed like a good idea but not anymore.

Ignore the thumbnail, I thought these options would work but they don’t.

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Seeing the problem from a different angle, I guess you could try this:

no… i dont need it for illegal software. i could use cracklock for that. plus it wouldnt work anyway unless its some really old software when people didnt think of that yet.
its really complicated. its not about software, its about my own personal things.

uh… and yes, i thought internet explorer would have options for that too, but firefox doesnt seem to. if i remove the tick from “use OCSP to validate” or something, it still does the same.

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actually, it would be kindof okay to just have firefox remember the exceptions. instead of always harrassing me with them, and when i try to add them again it says they are valid (because i already added an exception).
or sometimes it got invalid again. like the encrypted thumbnail things of google images just now, right before i wrote this…

Ikr, I’m more interested in that wallpaper than I am with this thread now.

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