Changing Gralat sprites and effects

Ok, so on my server, I want to change the gralats image with classicgralats.png and I also want to use their gani. I’d also like to make gralats not dissapear after like 5 seconds x_x. I wouldnt know where to get started. Can someone start me off here?

Maybe this? This is the script that was used on 2k1.

if (created) {
if (updategani) {
function updategani() {
  type = 1;
  if (rupees>=100) type = 4;
  else if (rupees>=30) type = 3;
  else if (rupees>=5) type = 2;

  setcharani gralats,#v(type);
if (playertouchsme && 
    (strlen(#s(this.owner))<=0 || strequals(#a,#s(this.owner)))) {
  playerrupees += rupees;
  rupees = 0; 
if (playerchats && strequals(#g,Staff) &&
    startswith(take gralat,#c)) {
  tokenize #c;
  tx = strtofloat(#t(2));
  ty = strtofloat(#t(3));
  if (tx in |x+1,x+2| &&
      ty in |y+1.5,y+2.5|) {
    playerrupees += rupees;
    rupees = 0; 

I’m really not sure what you can do with this… but it might be something to start you off.

Well can you kind of explain to me what parts do what such as the tokenize strtofloaf and the x, y, lol?

Honestly, I can’t. I really don’t know much about it. I just had that lying around and thought it might be of some help.

Kk thx anyways man I’ll try to find out that with my npc document thing.

i figured this out a while ago and just left it alone so if you change type = 1; to type = 2; it turns blue if its type = 3;it turns red if it type = 4; it turns gold.
idk if you can edit it to use this but u can try have fun…

hmmm i’d need to replace the gani any ideas on how?

NPC-Server with Classes, or hacked Gserver :confused:

Sorry, I can’t be much help on that.

You could make a custom cash monies system though, toweapons on player and custom drop methods. xd Not sure how that would handle, that’s for sure would be many duplication errors with modem tappin I’m sure.

Hmm ok :expressionless:

I dont know if you tried this but why dont you just replace the gralat image with yours?

:stuck_out_tongue: I dont know just trying to be helpful…

Because that involved editing a clientside file, this version of graal doesn’t have a command to swapout sprites.png and state.png. Only took Stefan 10+ years to get around to it since it’s been constantly requested.

beholder beat me, in fact with better wording.

Oh shit, yeah ur right :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, wait.
Does anyone know how much the purple and black gelats are worth?

I know a quarter goes for 50 black gelats and I just got a quarter for 25 USD so

I’d say the black gelat is as funny as a 2 dollar bill

Ok, then how much is a single USD in gelats? Oh, god. An error is traumatic!
Now with that out of the way, how much is a Purple if it’s in the middle of gold(100green) and black(2usd)?

Purple 500-999 Black 1000- 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999


Good… now pretend the black gelat never existed. (black gelat conspiracy, rawr!)
What if the purple gelat were worth 30 gold gelats?

You meet a Black Gralat in a dark alley way.
You slowly approach the Black Gralat.
The Black Gralat suddenly mugs you and runs off with your money.