Classic Graal Adventure

Hello everyone!

I was wondering if my server: “Classic Graal Adventure” could get it’s own sub-forum like most playerworlds seem to have.

I’m also hoping you guys are having fun exploring this world full of old memories!

I apologize for the disconnections you might have experienced, as my ISP is a real impotent dick, which is going to change 2 months from now.

Feel free to make any request for content you remember and might want to see on this server!

Please report bugs either in this post, or by e-mail at fredi8282(at)

I also wish to point out that Bomber39, a former GraalOnline level admin, is helping me out fixing stuff all over the world and enhancing his old levels.

Have a nice day!
Hope to see you around!

Mollusk can do it. I am without laptops.

Make the trading card game!

I can do it, but as was the way of Cadavre, your PW has to meet some standards before giving it a sub-forum. Nothing is set in stone as far as those standards go (and I think I’ll write some up), but before you can get a sub-forum you have to prove the sustainability of your PW. We typically will add PW’s if they’ve been in development for a meaningful period of time and can provide screenshots, and updates on a regular basis.

The reasoning behind that is because people often start PW’s, but never (99% of the time) finish them. So instead of adding every new PW that comes along we’ll instead add the ones with the greatest potential.

If you can show that you’ve worked on it for a month and provide regular updates on the progress then you may receive a sub-forum. I suggest starting an official thread in the player-world section and provide people with a summary, screenshots (when you get them), and regular updates and then this way we can track how long you’ve been at it.

I know that these are classic levels so a lot of work is done already, but still a sub-forum would be used to provide players with a section to talk about multiple aspects of the game. As it stands now, you can probably get by with just a thread in the PW section.

There’s already a Graal the Adventure server.

There’s Graal The Adventure, Classic and Classic Graal Adventure. Why not combine the effort instead of having three different ones?

Graal The Adventure is a heavily modified and later version of the Classic game world. It does not suit the purpose intended by purists.

As for the two Classics, Fredi and at least two others (myself included) have access and have been making updates / fixing the bugs on his. I cannot speak for the other server, as it has no subforum either? Fredi’s server has up to the 4 Graals, Lvl 2 bow, Lvl 3 Glove, Lvl 3 Sword, Lvl 3 Shield, at least 6 Hearts, and a set of custom weapons like the Mace, Hammer, Boomerang, etc. It’s basically a complete copy of the Classic levels. Hell, he would have added “Real World” if anyone still had those levels.

If a player encounters a bug or problem there are at least two of us who may address it in RC, and fix it in the levels.

I doubt the traffic demands a subforum, but neither would any other server for Graal Reborn. :frowning:

Mine (Classic) is a copy of the Classic server from one of the server dumps. Most major issues I fixed ages ago thanks to a few people who were informing me about bugs they found.

Pretty much a working carbon copy of the server from that era and nothing more. But that’s the point of hosting a ‘classic’ server IMO.

Graal the Adventure was the initial name of Graal. Which year is the Classic server from, and which year is the Classic Graal Adventure server from?

Since Graal The Adventure/Classic is discontinued on GraalOnline PC, wouldn’t it be a great idea to just work together on fixing ONE “classic” server and maybe develop further on it? Having 3 classic servers are just stupid and just splits up the classic playerbase further than necessary.

I’d love to work for a server that would acctualy be moving forward using the best from all different versions of classic and new themes and putting them together to a coherent plan, but that’s not going to happen, unless there’s a fourth server added -_-

I’m not fredi but I think his version his meant to continue the work of adding player made quests to the set of levels while the two others are maintained for the nostalgia and will never evolve.

The GtA that kalzor and I worked on is from 2004. My_tea_4 fixed up a lot of the coding, and kalzor and I fixed other coding problems when we found them. There are still problems that we can’t quite fix that are mostly caused by the client. Like setting sword/shield to sword2.png/shield2.png and so on will set the players sword/shield level which causes players to be automatically jailed for not having the proper flags.

That’s the exact goal of Classic Graal Adventure

The core levels were from 1.39, then I started adding stuff that go from the very first graal version (1.0) up to 1.41.

I moved some levels so I could allow many overlapping zones to coexist, and I keep adding them each time I get a request or think about something I remember.

I’ve been working on this server for 10 years on a very irregular basis, but it’s now been a month and half that I’ve been constantly fixing and adding stuff.

The “coherent plan” is to complete all the unfinished quests, the empty houses and incomplete dungeons by adding levels made by players, or levels from an old classic Graal area that isn’t on the server yet.

I’ve also been making maps.txt for every coherent places, like graal mines, midas realm, silmarion, the ice palace, and more to come.

An older version of the server once replaced the main world on Eevul Hotaki, and I mostly got positive feedback as to how the world was well assembled into something coherent.

I still get that comment from the dozen players playing around from time to time.

I’d be ready to collaborate with anybody if you believe some kind of merge could be possible.

I’ve also added to possibility of clicking on sign posts to read them, and I’m adding the click to buy option to every shop I stumble upon.
I’m still working on mouse wheel and right-click commands as well.

Please try to sort it out, I’d rather see the Graal the Adventure server being developed on and have a proper dev team.

First thing we could do is play on each other’s Classic Graal and point out pros and cons

Off topic kinda, I’d like to see people advance classic further rather than fixing up old ass gameplay, it was okay back then but expectations have risen.
Things I’d like to see is the gradual revamp of levels and puzzles. Default baddies still have a place and are quite acceptable.
Introduce a graphic user interface for things such as shops instead of this lame chat command approach, I did it quite easily through GS1 so it’s not like it’s outside
the reach of anyone. If this were such the approach there could well be room for 2 versions of classic, one for purists and those who wish to see some kinda advancement.
If scripting is an issue, I’m willing to lend a hand with core systems(and core systems only, in other words, I do not seek a permanent position on the team nor do I want one), top level implementation such as adding items to shops would be done by whoever it was creating the shop.

Ya, when it comes to quests only a few can be reused without major changes (like sardons), then theres some that just need retiling and a few new gfx for. Majority of the old quests need to be completely reworked though. Their themes can be reused but when reworking them you should add to, take away, merge or split them where it makes sense.

Everything you guys are describing is what we’re trying to achieve.

Every time we run into a quest we add music to it, make sure it’s more user-friendly than before, make sure it has some reward (We’re adding spells little by little) make sure people know where they are (additional maps).

We’re adding click shops to replace dropping money, or sometimes we keep both.

And Tricxta, you’ve already helped me out a lot with coding, but if you want to suggest and try your own improvements i’d be glad to give you the necessary rights!

Too much work.

Fredi and I have decided to merge servers, keeping the best from both worlds!
They’re really too similar to maintain and fix both, and I can see how fredi’s changes will make the game better to play.
We’ll be using his server as a base, and I’ll be integrating any content that’s only present in the version I host.
Should ultimately result in a much better quality server than two divided ones could achieve!