Client progress


No way. 30% might be more realistic. All of the networking stuff, the entire server executable, the full client scripting interface, encryption, and other shit still remains. Not to mention development tools/scripts.


I’m still trying to work on this, but have been really busy lately. I had created most of the UI elements a long time ago and have updated their code for the Direct3D 11 changes. They’re functional, but I’m rewriting some of the code because it’s pretty gross as-is. I’m also trying to make sure the way I’m handling rendering is going to be efficient enough for now. I’m not going to try to make it perfect, as I think that knowledge will come as I progress further.

So… as promised, an actual screenshot of something graphical! Nothing special, but this is being rendered by the engine with Direct3D, not simply drawn onto the screen like you might think with Paint or something.

The editbox has full windows-like functionality aside from a right click menu, but that can be added way later when that UI functionality is created. (Definitely not a priority.)



rofl… impressive FPS (I’m kidding)

I was wondering today what the use was for DirectX in comparison to a plain window rendered with the Windows API. ?
Thought you might have an answer to that.


GDI isn’t hardware accelerated to anywhere near the same extent as Direct3D. You’d never be able to get comparable frame rates.


How do I get ahold of you? Check this out.


Man I’m sorry but just reading the description is too much for me. Mining, delivering pizza and mail to get money for guns and what not. Gangs and base raids. It’s like someone took every bad idea from era and reskinned everything somehow managing to make bad gameplay even worse. I don’t usually care enough to point this out but it’s sickening. There is no attempt at even one creative idea its like they just said fuck it.


ok sublime. we all already know you hate his playerworld. lets at least support codr by keeping his one and only thread on topic.


Sorry I was trying to get him to stop his sick defilement of this thread. Back to topic even if its only 30% I can’t fucking wait for a real engine and fuctioning tools. I support you 100% and if you need any graphics I’m happy to contribute.


I’ve been poking at this again. Text rendering is being consolidated to allow easier use in the future, especially with upcoming UI controls. A temporary step backward, but it’ll save time in the end.


Updates to text rendering are almost done. No, this stuff isn’t really that complex. It always takes so long because I’m not working on it much.


Progress is progress. Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


So eager to write in CodrScript :smiley:


give him a few more months to render that text


Probably, considering I never work on it.


Must be why everyone has faith in you. :spooon:


??? I don’t think any one has faith in anyone now with the amount of false hope that has been presented over the years. I obviously can’t speak for everybody here, but personally, whilst I’ll give positive encouragement for people to finish their projects (because heck yeah it’d be nice), but I don’t actually hold my breath and hinge my bets on people actually finishing them knowing there’s always technical and/or personal issues that present major roadblocks part way through such projects, mainly due to over ambitious end goals. I think most people here are mature enough to realise all of this, and probably feel the same way.


slow and steady wins the race. i have faith in you codr


I didn’t care about Codr’s shit when people did have hope for it, and can’t even begin to care about whether or not he’s still working on it or not. I haven’t read a single one of his update posts in this thread. For all I know it’s already fucking finished. In fact, I didn’t even read your post. It’s kinda long so I’ll assume you’re being serious. Why the fuck do you take the things I say seriously?


thats some enthusiastic apathy, spooon. seems a little forced.


Spooon visits the forums solely to not read the posts, then leave a smug remark and leave