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Why would one post things not to ever be serious. What a complete waste of time.


i never post anything serious


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I generally just read y’all’s shit, and carry on with my day. I don’t really have much to contribute…


Which is normal. They’re just not normal.


Where’s the fun in being normal, though? :awesome:


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Corrected the contrast. I wouldn’t particularly enjoy seeing it as your avatar but the thought crossed my mind and for that, contrast needed to be corrected. So I did it.
I never explain those things and people go “oh I’d like to know how your mind works”. Enjoy that glimpse inside my mind. And the contrast.
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It dawns on me - a Sheep, a Chicken and a Duck both worked on Exodus,


I question my life everytime I visit this forum? Why do I still read this crap lol?

Anyway, miss playing with you guys haha. Been a fun ride.


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LOL, the shit you guys post… I don’t even know what to say half of the time. Anyway, text rendering has been completed and I’m very happy with the results.

Thinking about the rest of the UI rendering, I realized that I wasn’t handling the issue of child elements extending beyond the area of a parent element. A button on a window hanging off the edge of the window, for example. This is important due to users wanting to do things like resizing windows.

I’m exploring options for clipping these properly. So far all of my ideas are either unacceptably inefficient or not even possible due to graphics API limitations. It’s not as easy as it sounds when you’re dealing with rendering triangles, not just drawing pixels.


While I didn’t find a universal solution that could just be active at all times without a huge performance impact, I did realize that I could just apply the perfect, more intensive, clipping solution only when needed. (In the event of a non-rectangular UI element existing.) The alternative, quick method for rectangular elements can be applied otherwise, which should be 99-100% of the time anyway. I’m sure this makes so much sense to everyone, but attempting to illustrate it would take more time than I’m willing to spend.

I’m going to move on to the actual UI window now. This was partially done in the past, but will undoubtedly need to be updated somewhat. I’m also going to implement all of the necessary structuring for UI elements to have child windows (controls). At least I can provide a screenshot of the window when this part is done? Because everyone knows there’s only progress if there’s a screenshot. (Hi hosler.)

Who wants to take a guess as to how long it’ll be before I stop working on this again? :whatever:


Progress has been fairly smooth. Windows can be rendered now, though they’re not yet resizable. The buttons are functional and the window can be moved. I made the theme file on Windows 7 a long time ago and just stuck with it for now.


The window is being rendered via a theme configuration that will be available to scripts. As you can see by the images, it’s rendered via pieces of a window frame as expected, rather than something static.

I need to go back and update the z-ordering system, which shouldn’t take too long. The way it’s currently working doesn’t feel right.

Btw, what software does everyone use for recording little demos? I’m sure I’ve got something that’ll work, but it’s probably overly complicated for something small like this.


I use giffing tool


I usually use this
but since this forum doesn’t support webms

though I dunno if they’re good for practical use because both of them are a bit jittery. Great tools otherwise. Very simple, good quality, good number of settings to tweak.


Thanks for the gif creator suggestions. I’ll try them out when I’m ready for a demonstration.

Z-ordering has been updated and with as perfect a result as I could hope for in a technically 3D environment. I’ve had some logical issues to fight through with the window and how to handle child controls in general, but I believe those have been resolved now. Maximizing has been implemented. Minimizing should be fairly simple with the framework for everything now in place. I would expect it to be done in a few days, depending on what else I end up doing off of my computer. I’ve been sick the last few weeks and basically stuck inside, so that kind of led to this development. I’m almost entirely over it now, though.

Something I’ve been thinking about is whether or not the UI is actually important enough to be spending time on this early in development. Initially my thought process was “Well, it’s needed to log in and connect to a server, right?”, but that could be handled in a less convenient way for a while. So I may decide to forego the UI soon in favor of all the other more exciting visual stuff that everyone wants to see. (Levels, characters, networking, animations, etc.) Those were on my list next after the UI anyway.