Closed till everything is better

Hope you enjoyed your sneak peak at xialza, when go public again everything should be alot better :slight_smile:

hangs self

Bomber Arena :smiley:

can’t forget Dubelia. The levels on there are amazing, a true quality server…



Kandora’s not up right now…

will it be back up??? I loved V3 so V4 must be amazing :megaeek:


Why is it closed :\
I don’t see ANYTHING wrong with it.

Dubelia’s levels were at a skill level of a Rocket Scientist’s.
That was dropped off a cliff.

into a…VOLCANO!

You know that might be the first good thing you have said this whole time you have been on the forums.

You didn’t see anything wrong with it? Dying is retarded, monsters are impossible to kill without dying a few times, there is no way to gain higher stats (like HP), the quests do not give any direction, and events do not work properly. For some reason Tricxta would rather move forward than take a step back and fix all the shit that is broken.

damn right spooon, thats why dying will be ass and you will respawn like in era and zodiac. Im pretty much planning to redo the whole combat system so that individual swords will call on one weapon and im seriously just thinking about going for a full on rpg. With monsters…well the only thing i could do is add a cool down to them and slow them down so you can run away from them…
As for everything else well… if its not good enough for silver then theres a problem :expressionless:

So there you are spooon either ill go back to the start or… work on a more possible project that uses sweet old box checks

Silver shouldn’t be your goal so much as a feeling of completeness. Work out the bugs in the system and build on it like you say. Work out a storyline and expand on it with quests, puzzles, and a wide variety of enemies.

Players should feel like they’re legitimately on an adventure, not simply entering some sort of chat room. The advantage of Graal is that you can have both, the only problem is that nobody gets significantly beyond the base social aspect of the game.

We’re not giving out Silver status, you’ll have to earn it by raising the bar–which is currently set by Dreamscape, previously by Lumina.

well now that ive thought about it, im quittin working on xialza since i think in the end its just another lame server which isnt original, so… im gunna be helping out friends for the reasons of having fun and not gettin to silver.
Xialza just makes me feel like ive been defeated…

TT_TT I miiiiiiisss Dreamscape. Orphen y u no come back!?

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Also, I don’t see why he can’t keep it open to the public while he fixes those bugs :confused:

people give me to much shit saying, this is shit…MAKE IT BETTER BITCH! and all that kinda crap and it gives me head-aches so thats why i did what i did

I deleted all the files already Yenairo. Too much bugs, not enough reference.

In this case it’s prolly better to start from scratch. However, some of those NPCs were decent, i say use some of them over