Colosso (New Modern Server)

Ok lol ill post the screnshots again…

The tiles are ripped, some are made by me.

It wouldn’t be hard at all to make a modern sever without npcserver as twiggy said.

The proposed jobs on the server:
Beekeeping (and u can train the bees to attack players too…)
Weapon and Ammo Manufacture
Pyrotechnic Manufacture
Baking Foods
Collecting Coconuts from Coconut Trees

3 Gangs , probably player business’s related to their manufacturing of weapons or other jobs.

Cars would be available, and i found a way to make it so players can actually ride in your car with you.

I wanted to have boats on the server too…

So what was the point in this thread? to know not to come on your server as there’s no content?

Funny enough I was on youtube today looking at Cysts and there was one titles “Colosso Cyst” or something of that sort.

why the hell were you looking at cysts?

Friend had one. Shit was disgusting to look at and I forgot how disgusting so I looked again.

Your logic is flawed.

Protip: Modern servers don’t work well here because we don’t have an npcs-server allowing you to use a lot of the advanced features. Gl;hf

You don’t need a NPC-Server to make a Modern server AT ALL xDD!

We don’t have an NPC-Server so nothing works that well on here unless you have half a brain.

Or if you have the full brain and know C++ then you could go and hack your Gserver to bits! :smiley:

I volunteer Twiggy to field requests from bawng for gunz, tileset, etc.

Bolded important words.

I saw the screenshots, I saw the screeeeeeeeeenshots!


Guns are easy to make but im deciding right now wether to do 360 degree movement… so it would take longer because every gun image would need at least 8 directions… N NW W SW S SE E NE

Oh yeah i put the screenshots back up in the first post.

the guns won’t need 8 directions because if you did that it would look fucked up with a 4-direction player.

Unless you mean bullets.

im planning on making an 8 direction player too … but there are problems with the 360deg movement… making it so when you hit a wall at an angle you move along the wall still but dont go thru it… i might not do the 360deg movement because of this problem… just going to stick to the regular 4 dir movement… less of a headache(i suck at math)

your dum

lol lets see u do it

No, Downsider has more important things to do, like making Secret of Mana for Graal.

I just figured out how to do it so yeah

Secret of Mana 4 graal? why not just play Secret of Mana :[ no Secret of Graal

Secret of Unixmad, youfindoutheisreally not a guy but an alien from galaxy 101 come to eat your face :<

Looks like Super Mario Kart, well the colors anyway.