Community Collaboration

Hosler inspired me on his thread he made about bringing back the Graal Reborn server. I’ve decided to start a community project. Everyone makes one level on this overworld, just make sure they all fit together! For you’re only allowed to make one level, if we don’t get enough submission I may change the rules. This is a 3x3 overworld so it should be finished fairly quickly :smiley: Have fun everyone.
Please follow this format to ensure all the levels fit together. When going to start a level tell me the number so I can put it as ‘signed out’

a1 - finished | b1 - finished | c1 - open
a2 - open | b2 - open | c2 - open
a3 - finished | b3 - finished | c3 - finished

My level so far :smiley:

You are doing this wrong. You can’t just have people fill out levels and slap them together. I mean you can, but it would not flow and it would not be cohesive, which is especially poignant considering it would be a community event; how tragic would it be to to make a community player-world that exemplified Graal Reborn’s disunity? //end of rhetorical flourish.

First, you should assign people a square/level. Then work from a top corner and work down. So you’d post the first level once you are completely finished and the people assigned to the adjacent levels would then be able to work on theirs:

For example:
*Image from Graal Online.
An example of a community player-world:

Ima start the bottom right corner… Then I will proceed to make the other eight levels because I am that fricken awesome. BRB

He saw this on graalonline and decided to copy it…Only difference is, they had dusty and a few other pro lats to help

Finished the first level! I’ve also updated the original .zip folder so it has this level.

Not sure if to take this seriously xD Oh, and even though you are quite awesome you are only allowed to make one level.

Yeah sure, I’m working on C3 and Urza’s taking B3. These will be the OSL and the tutorial quests. Somehow I blurred my screen-shot, I fail at graphics…

You stuffed up various. You stuffed up gewwwwd

I’ll take B1.

Guess I’ll have a3 :0

how come when i suggest something like this everyone’s like stfu, lol

Alright, I’m done.



Looking good so far! Make sure to post a level attachment when it’s done :smiley:

I think I’m done… I don’t really know :oo:

We need some houses! To all the people making new levels, let’s start making some towns and stuff :smiley:

yer well you either don’t have a town level or you have one but not half half… looks crap then. Whoever is doing b2 should be placing a built up area there…

I’ll have some nachos.

Make a level…

There is no freaking room for a good looking town because you idiots put water and giant cliffs.