Consideration for PWA

Hey guys,
I’d like to be considered for a role as a PWA. I feel certain things should be controlled, like overwriting of tile definitions,
and over-riding of files such as ganis/images/etc. And of course I could offer a hand in terms of pointing people in the right direction
for most aspects of development. I’d also like to think that I could be trusted with not stealing anyones content and/or deleting files lol.

The main reason for this thread is to gather support, approval or criticism as to why I should be given or denied the role.

okay your hired!!!

Why do I not believe it was that easy…:smugbert:

hah im just joking, i have no idea about any of that stuff. I believe i was against it all in the beginning in the first place. Not trying to become graal online you know.

The idea of the PWA imo is to assist players and PWs, not moderate them o_0 What’s there to be against?

PWA’s function was mainly to help, but also to judge according to certain criteria to set the status of the playerworld, Gold, Silver or bronze. And controlling overwriting of standard images of course.

I don’t/didn’t want to turn GR into GO, but total anarchy is not a great solution even if we’re the free alternative.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]I’m not opposed for hiring you as PWA, but at the moment, you don’t get more rights than a regular user on the servers. What you’ll have access to as a PWA is the global head/body/shield etc stuff and guilds moderation whenever that is finished if you get to be PWA.

There’s no point in making you PWA, it doesn’t involve much power anyway. Your standards for player worlds are too low in my opinion.

i approve tricxta

I can always choose to be more critical on finer points :0

Oh yeah…
free graal

where your content is judged and if it’s not good enough you’re booted from bronze.

Bronze is the default section. If your playerworld was good enough, then it would be set to something higher. You can only be hidden if you’re abusive.

please yes. iphoners need to die

The day Tric becomes PWA is the day I become supermod.


You forget yourself, Benjiro.

:0 we got a badass ova’ here!

im bronze on starcraft!!!111

WHAT!? You got me wrong mang, I don’t want to restrict anyone from bronze or demote any server, I want to have the powers to help people out with tiledefs and stopping image over loading, maybe if the server owner reverted back to the incorrect way of things I’d ask a few people about their thoughts and depending on the results hide it.

@ your message
I didn’t really think I’d become PWA anyway considering my past but I thought it’d be worth a shot and besides… I’m sick helping people through lengthy word descriptions…

With all the work Tric has done to help people out through helping with scripts and addressing technical details, his experience on a variety of player-worlds, and his activity at GR makes him a pretty reasonable candidate, I think.

Problem solved - a server crawler. Automates PWA. It will cache the server daily, and match it up to its previous cache. If they equal you automatically lose a rank, if they’re different in a good or bad way… well doesn’t matter, nothing happens. don’t forget its all about LINKING… warp players to other servers that will be relevant for them. you dont want them to play era, and go through a door warped to graal kingdoms now. thats a bad link, we discredit those types of links… we want good ones. reciprocals are bad and count negatively to your rank in our system. Better start following these rules before GraalBot gets angryy!