Dear Downsider

Was that u running around on zodiac with era guns?


Dear Blaze: That was the reason he got banned. Lol

Lol, he just swapped the weapon .code files… I think it’s fixed though, because I couldn’t use it anymore on iPhone. :frowning:

That never worked…[COLOR=“Silver”]

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downs i durr

Haha, wow. Graal Online really has gone to shit.
So easy to hack.

gone to shit





I HAPPEN to have some FOND memories of Graal Online.
But the ratio to good memories to bad ones is like 1:230231893078124017e4


1 = 230231893078124017e4
1 = 2

e = 1.025197887797094e-8

idk im stoned shut up

Graal Online wasn’t necessarily always bad, or always shitty. I started playing back in '99-2000. And even after switching the system to P2P / Trial, there were still servers that catered to both players. My fondest memories were playing Babylon and, as a trial, getting an ET Temp job for a day, because the ET Admin who was on at the time was cool. But by the v4 clients, Graal had evolved into a steaming cesspool of filth and all that.

Graal is Graal is Graal

Fair enough

lol ET. Outlaw did make a decent effort at learning to script to try and make some of those events.

I loved Babylon, too bad when they reset with the new overworld it died. That new overworld was so much ass, I don’t even know how it existed.

Yup… Sadly, that was my most favorite server too,

There was several overworld resets, a few were done by Alexander (When it was crowded with trees). One was done by Kisharha (When the server was over developed and had 100 players during my reign of terror). I doubled the size of the overworld to give people development space just before I quit.

From what I recall, Star or Jaws built a town at the bottom of the map, lol

The one I’m remembering was during P2P, right before it got removed from Classic.

Ah, so that would be an Alex world, Kish world was during hidden.

I would actually probably pay P2P just to play that for a while.
I need a Graal-induced nostalgia.