Dear Downsider

I played Classic! Uh… Yeah!

Who made the jump script on Babylon? When was that first added?

You mean the one to jump over 2 block long walls?
Unsure who first added it, it was probably added around 2002-
It originally used a sin/cos formula that adjusted the player x and y.
I later edited it to adjust the playerz with a sin or cos, Lol

This is getting out of topic xP, wow who really pays for graal online? I know I don’t

like over 25% of Unix-Graal are Trials.
Believe you me.

Got a classic account

Classic account.

I pay…coz im such a sucker

I’ve never paid for an account. Yet I had atleast 2 P2P accounts while I was on Graal.

Well you’re community now

It’s bullshit that you can’t get a classic account anymore. That makes me lose all respect for Unixmad (or what ever was LEFT). It’s just a shitty get-rich-quick scheme.

You’re spewing nonsense out of your fucking ass, Yenairo. How can you hate someone you’ve never had to deal with? All of your time on GraalOnline has been with v4 and higher.

Not every game can stay free. Players didn’t like P2P so they stopped playing. People didn’t like trial limitations so they stopped playing. People don’t like iGraal so they don’t play it.

They weren’t bad ideas and other games have them, the new shit was just added stupidly. And guess what; Unixmad isn’t the one who adds the stuff.

The problem with iPhone isn’t Unixmad or Stefan, either. It’s the fucking children they put as administrators, because Stefan doesn’t like hiring people who question him or he can’t order around.

Unfortunately iPhone is the only thing keeping graal alive.

It hasn’t. Don’t tell me what you think is right if you don’t have the facts straight. I remember playing when it was before V3. I even played the Java version a couple times 4-5 years back. I know a little bit what “classic” was.

The Graal 231 Client is VERY familiar to me, because I actually used it before that fuckload of blue and the shitty GUIs.

You still don’t have a reason to say stupid shit about crap you don’t know.

Excuse me? I don’t know why you think I don’t have an opinion, but I seriously think I do. Which will not change.

Lol, I pay for graal. Not to play though, but mainly for GR research. I’m surprised my server hasn’t been shut down yet. =)

I have 3 classic accounts which I can play with though, but Graal(Online) is fucking boring, so I don’t.

Fifteen year old with an opinion? Age a bit more before you feel you can think for yourself.

I didn’t know age mattered.
Why are you arguing with a minor if you’re “right”? Wouldn’t that give you the right to shut up?

When you have as money as I do, you never shut up.