Dear Downsider

Gee, I guess that means I never want to be rich. You become bigoted.

Wait. Not everyone is like that. Maybe you’re spoiled?


How to be just like Yenairo:
Step 1: Say something stupid.
Step 2: When called out on it, never give in that you may have been wrong.
Step 3: Always remember that it’s the other person doing the fighting, never yourself.
Step 4: The other person is always a bigot, liar, or idiot; make sure they are aware of it.

Isn’t Yenairo like 12?


I dunno, I don’t really like him, he’s the kind of kid who gets insulted and just goes, “Well, I don’t care what you think!”

You know, standard middle school style.[COLOR=“Silver”]

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[/COLOR]oh yeah and always has an excuse or outlandish reasoning. I hate that kind of attitude.

SHOULD I care, though? This is the internet. It’s not like it fucking matters anyway. I have a hard time getting attached to people, especially when people like Spooon who I thought wouldn’t turn around and slap me in the face with really bad reasoning.

Explain how Spooon was right by saying I have no opinion? Explain when you said that I win too? I really do wish you guys would grow up. As of now I will treat both of you guys like I treat the rest of the forums: A joke.

yeah i forgot to mention how you’re narcissistic and have a God complex.


Umm, are you sure you aren’t talking about yourself? You could’ve fooled me.

did you even read your post lozl


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[/COLOR]why didn’t they merge

I think if you haven’t posted in a thread for like… one hour it doesn’t merge.

One of the best flame wars I’ve ever seen

not really, Yenairo kills all fun, even flame wars.

It’s funny how most of my threads result in flame wars ._.

Because your a fucking Jew.

Woop woop. Downsider is mad. :stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe he should just ignore my comments? I mean, you just seem to get infuriated by seeing my face here.

i think i’d gouge my eyes out before i became lucid enough to get mad

Oh really? So then why did you reply? You could’ve walked away thinking: “He can think what he thinks.” if you’re such the calm individual.

lol that was an insult about physical appearances and it went over your head.